Lately I have been reading articles and discussions on if the organic food is better than the traditional one. I would like to summarize in this article some of the conclusions that I have been able to remove from those readings. The real advantages of the organic food are in: * The use of natural installments instead of artificial mineral installments (exceptions exist, are pesticides with copper allowed in biological agriculture, for example). * The use of noninjurious natural pesticides for the health nor the environment. * The nitrate content in ecological products is smaller.

Points exist in which the organic food, although he is not disadvantaged against the traditional one, cannot either say that it brings excellent gains: * The heavy metal content in organic foods is not necessarily smaller. This content depends to a large extent on the composition of the ground and the surroundings. If in the surroundings of the cultures there are a great amount of factories and polluting agents, this will be reflected in the metal content heavy in foods, they are these organic or no. * The level does not depend either on the vitamin content in foods of if the culture is organic or no. The species used in the cultures and the surroundings in which they grow are points of greater relevance to determine this factor. Therefore: we do not have to wait for a contained vitamin major in the organic food that in the food of conventional origin. A factor that also there is to consider falsifying is the one of of organic. There are unfortunately inescrupulosas people who sell their organic products like without them being it. These consumers we can be taken care of of false organic buying eaten organic with seals that certify the veracity of the organic term . Concluding it would mean that we cannot hope that the organic food is in all the aspects superior to the conventional one, but way to see the things, the mentioned advantages above are reason sufficient to prefer biological foods by their benefits over the health and the environment.