Linking the University Plinio Lopez Dela Guajira occurs in the second half of 1983 and is assigned to guide the chairs of Microeconomics, Money and Banking, Foundations of Economics, Economic Theory and Macroeconomics. Among his outstanding students Hijuelos remembers Valentine, Abel Royo, Eduardo Agamez, Jorge Mejia, Fidel Loaiza, Alberto Pacheco, Lourdes Arevalo and Yolfenis Square. With the teacher makes a very good friend to the point of who is elected vice president of the Association of University Teachers (ASPU) on two occasions, Representative to the Faculty Council and the Superior Council which has always defended the interests not only of their represented students but especially in cases where proposed increases, according to him, unreasonable and excessive in enrollment. The University provides a glimpse at several of whom would become the best friends of your life: Barliza Cayetano, Henitzo Martinez, Isidoro Ospino and Evelio Santiz and his wife, who offered great hospitality while in Riohacha. The University has also allowed the super-professional and intellectually. More info: Richard LeFrak.

With the institution can graduate in 1997 as a specialist in Financial Management and in 2001 as a specialist in University Teaching. Occurs precisely in 1997 another important event in his career: the rectory commissioned as Coordinator of the newly created Extension Maicao where plays a significant organizational and academic work. Having completed its cycle in the administrative fee returns to the activity that passion: teaching, classroom work and contact with their students, but does so in his hometown where he is recognized as one of his best men to the point that in the October 2003 elections was elected municipal councilor, a position in which he served without pay wages but without neglecting their academic obligations. Today is a day I can meet anyone and Pliny in the library or in a corner of the city. In your classroom or on the street filled with a shantytown wherever you say with facts that humility is his greatest virtue, that overconfidence is your greatest fault (along with his unbridled and poorly rewarded for Junior fans, editor’s note), that intolerance and irresponsibility is what most hates, that the teacher Choles Ramiro is the person he most admires, and that the constitution of the Sectional Maicao is his ultimate dream.

So Plinio Lopez, a man with wisdom of philosopher and heart of good people who believe in the miracle of life and so he devotes all his time to building up new horizons. is a renowned Colombian journalist and writer, a teacher linked to several Colombian universities. He is the author of four books and co-author of three others that address the topic of leadership, ethics and Human Development.