School of Stimuli in future Stimulates all the intelligence of your baby from the week of its birthSides clearly the progress of your boy, you will feel its joy to learn when hearing as it laughs From Granada, Espaa.Gaston Saenz and Gustavo Dost the pregnancy is for many women the period, but it cheers of its lives. As woman you have the privilege to develop life in your interior. And without a doubt to be mother offers the opportunity you to show love of a singular and unique form. To look for ropita and to prepare their room are preparatory essential. Nevertheless an important preparation exists but that often it is ignored. The fact of which you are reading this letter, it demonstrates that your these not ignoring this important obligation. Its education. And by incredible that seems the education of your son it begins in the pregnancy.

Wise people who simple activities as to listen to music or rerte they affected of very positive way your baby? As simple things as your confidence, during in the pregnancy, in your husband, would affect intelligence emotional of your baby. There are many studies that demonstrate that when the father speaks with his baby, this it responds relaxing in the maternal belly. For that reason when the baby is born is so important, week to week to stimulate all capacities. With simple exercises it is possible to help the baby to develop all their intellectual potential, physical and emotional. How long I must dedicate? – questions. In fact with a few daily minutes it is enough.

That it is school of stimuli? School of stimuli is an intelligence program early for your baby. This system it exactly lasts the first 52 weeks of life of your son. With simple exercises recorded in we trained you to video to harness the intelligence of your baby.