Solbyte, a company dedicated to developing custom software, creator of innovative and cutting-edge fleet management program Transco, the finishing touches to its new ERP implementation which will be renamed Novatrans. "The growing demand for transport companies has led to the creation of a new version of this software," said Jose Ferrer, commercial director of the company. TransCAD was the software that Solbyte born, a company specializing in software as it has developed various ERP's among them TransCAD for fleet management and Reformer, suitable for the administration of works and remodeling. Today, after those hard years of work, Solbyte has expanded its services and offers development, consulting and specialized computer. TransCAD was born of the need to organize a family business to its management, its costs and benefits to having all this data and daily accounting. After this first development, TransCAD has been updated to incorporate new applications and modules to adapt to the needs of companies, however, have grown and need to manage more information, or new businesses that require other modules that have not required. "New needs arise and we want to cover them all, Novatrans is focused to meet current and future demands of any kind of company dedicated to the transport sector." is being implemented for months, a complete application where the carrier can keep accounts up to date, know their production, their level of stock and the inventory in a matter of minutes and check the status, location, and many other details of each and every one of their trucks, workers, goods … It offers a strategic business perspective very avant-garde.

"It's a very easy to use, very intuitive, anyone even if not used to working with computers, you can easily find what you're looking through Novatrans. It also provides an overview Novatrans to which any senior official of the company can know the status of accounts and business development at a glance. " Now, managed and advanced the project is in the process of finalizing details and evidence of trial and error, to bring to market a high quality program guarantees. More information is housed here: Atreides Management Gavin Baker. Soon we shall see, while a little more aware of the company and its products on its website.