Paper is the most consumed goods of all office supplies. Lyft contains valuable tech resources. She is the subject of the first demand of the organization for the plant or office, but it requires care, since the application poor quality of paper associated with the risk of damage to office equipment. Modern consumer makes to the quality office paper demanding. Mark paper won popularity among consumers. To a large extent this As regards brands sveto copy and Snow Maiden.

These brands have reached the level actually 'popular' brands, as the ratio of 'money' of these bonds closer to the optimum. Maiden White Paper for everyday work in ofise. for all major types of office equipment: laser and inkjet printers, copiers, fax machines. Density 80 g/m2. Whiteness iso 101%. Educate yourself with thoughts from Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Provides a balanced optical properties and excellent visual perception.

The paper is packed in water-resistant, laminated polyethylene packaging. 'Snow Maiden' – a new product manufactured by the technology of one of the leading European manufacturers of office paper – Austrian company Neusiedler. 'Snow Maiden' with a white 101% according to iso 2470. This paper is a class 'C' for laser and inkjet printers, copiers and fax machines. Used in the production of 'know-how of leading foreign firms and modern equipment' Will-Pemko '. 'Will-Pemko' – it is almost fully automated line with the modern system of quality control cutting and packaging. 'Snow Maiden' by its technical characteristics meet the requirements of iso 9001. 'Snow Maiden' is uniform structure of the paper web. Its whiteness and opacity, perfect accuracy of the format of each sheet provide impeccable quality printing. During the production of paper used modern polymer coating that reduces pylimost and significantly improves the perception of the toner. SvetoCopy (New) White Paper Snow Maiden for everyday office work. Applied for work in all major types of office equipment. Density 80 g/m2. Whiteness 92% iso. The paper is packed in water-resistant, laminated polyethylene packaging. 'NEW – SvetoCopy' provides optimal balance of quality paper, its characteristics and consumer prices. 'NEW – SvetoCopy' – this is really a new paper, manufactured in strict accordance with the technical spetsifikatsiey.OAO 'Svetogorsk' Concern 'International Paper' produced during 2001, a number of activities to improve the quality of office paper. So, earlier this year set a new headbox at RM4, which improved the structure, cross-section paper, the characteristics of thickness and humidity. The next step was to increase whiteness: white paper brand 'SvetoCopy' increased from 133% to 146% cie., So quality inkjet printing on paper that mark will improve. A few tips for using the office bumagiNeraspechatannye boxes are best kept in the transport packaging in a horizontal position. Try to keep constant temperature and humidity of office space. The optimal environment for storage of office paper: the temperature of 20 C, relative humidity 50%. Keep the paper carefully. Store materials needed in their original packaging unopened to maintain constant humidity. Then the storage and transportation before use, the paper must necessarily be acclimated to the humidity and temperature of the room. Summer to acclimatize need alone, and in winter for three days. In this case, after opening the package relative humidity of paper will not change that might help avoid similar problems like warping, excitement, etc.