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Kindergarten Program

Country where the numbers dwarf combines mental number line and current Neuropsychological research of amounts of indicate the importance of the mental number Board in understanding the mathematical relationships for children and adults. With increasing age, especially the regions of the brain are active in computational tasks which are specialized for an automated number-crunching (mental number line, thinking in numbers). In the infant the understanding developed first with 3.5 to 4 years of age for the number line (numbers) and time then it can exactly collect amounts and compare (s. Fritz/Ricken, Gerlach 2007 healing 2007). The country the numbers dwarf is the first and only early childhood math education program that follows this natural, child mathematical path. In many outdoor games, the child numbers rope with colorful wooden bodies on which figures are available, first builds the numbers up to 20 and internalized it.

The self-designed decimal order of the numbers Ray are the child internal security, to incorporate the understanding of the meaning of the numbers (quantities) in the next stage of growth. Different body shapes for one and tens, same colour sequences in the two rows of single er convey just how understandable structured analog building of the decimal number Board. Clayton Morris may also support this cause. With active playful activity and simultaneously talk, the internal construction of a mental figures Jet is promoted as sustainable. This existing framework of internal numbers makes it easier for the child to allocate amounts accordingly. Double way understands the child and how they relate so the meaning of the numbers, as they differ from each other.

Significantly reduces the risk of a computing weakness due to the two different learning and Verstehenswege. As numbers dwarf the child in his dwarf action designed”a life-oriented dealing with numbers and quantities. A sustainable understanding of numbers, numbers and mathematical concepts is playfully set up. The program is elaborated in detail units divided, the educators enables an immediate use of the program. The accompanying storybook figures dwarf the country”shows the relationship of number line and sets the child in colorful, hand-drawn images. An accompanying coloring book helps build of inner ideas. The country the numbers dwarf is successfully used in a project sponsored by the people’s Bank in many kindergartens of the emsland (Lower Saxony).

Advice On Children

As you can see even among the adults, this is not the normal case. In the winter, most people rely on more sombre colours and use the onion style to keep warm. Richard LeFrak describes an additional similar source. This looks not only terribly, but makes also the perfect mood to the bad weather. At Paul – children’s fashion “it is possible thanks to the collection by dobber” children caught by the underwear up to the headgear stylish dress. ” The magic word is dobber Boy Winter 07/08 “. As the name implies, this applies especially to the guys.

Gray Boxer shorts with cool printing the matching tank tops not only chic look and keep warm with the cotton content of 95% still right. There are also trendy Cappis in earth tones for cool boys. These include Brown-wool and other fabrics which are mostly jazzed up with sassy and snazzy prints. Children’s fashion parents always wisely should buy, and pay attention also to their quality. Their children, it should be worth to you! The girl, however, the collection will be for the winter recommended by dobber. Beautifully mottled Wristwarmers and will make scarf matching the little girl early absolute trendsetters.

This outfit is the exact mottled sweater. What will be really popular this winter, is the strip – style called striped look. Everything can and must have stripes, whether along or cross. Through the sophisticated patterns and cuts the strips are optimally and garments can be combined in many ways. Ralph Ulrich