The sea, the Sun and the welfare of the children finally summer! It is time of the game, the lightheartedness and the sea. We talk holidays about health, leisure time with MOM and Dad on the sea. One of the provisions against the summer heat is classic holiday by the sea, an ideal solution for families with children. By the sea, you can enjoy the sea breeze, regenerating baths and fantasiereicheren games. For several years, dedicate equipped with shaded area many hotels special child services, structures, safe swimming pools and lots of entertainment.

The Sun and the sea are still, for good reasons, different and important, especially during the growth of the child. The skin of children is much sensitive and is necessary care to protect them from the Sun’s rays: you is not the children, during the warmer hours, from 11.00 a.m. to 17.00 and you wear a hat, which can avoid beats of the Sun and unexpected fever. The Sun’s rays exceed so also by the umbrella If the child spends a day at the Lake, he must wear a white cotton T-Shirt. The calendar, in order to be effective, should be every two hours a grated. After the first days of exposure you can use factor of 30 for all body and, after a week, which can protect be lower. It is important to drink water or fruit juices.

Both children and adults should avoid sparkling drinks and fatty foods. Fresh fruit and ice return put in mineral salts and vitamins to the body without weight. While the children on the beach play, they breathe million of invisible particles of water in air, containing iodine and salts, carried away by the wind on the coast. You do an aerosol of natural and clean the respiratory system. The value of this climatic atmosphere is undeniable. He strengthened the capabilities of the body against winter virus attacks. The Sun is essential for a healthy growth. The bone health and the rays of the Sun in context are. Thanks to the Sun’s rays, it synthesizes Body of the vitamin D, which strengthens the bones and guarantees children a balanced growth. The vitamin D comes from milk, butter, eggs, and meat. The children ignore all this, they have fun, dive into the sea and learn to swim before with lifebuoy and then free even! Observe the color of the lips, if they are Violet, it is time to urinate and to warm up under the Sun’s rays. Brings you many swimming costumes because it is not good to stay moist, it can cause Erythemas and itching. Always remember that for the little kids, MOM and dad are three / four-year-old, the center of the world and there is nothing best that, to spend time with them, to make sand castles, or to play football! You discovered the child in you, free from the everyday life contractions and the job! Renewed and prepared back home, to play another year. Lisa guerrini – Riccione Family hotels