Learn how to make shampoo can be a very rewarding experience as well prepare homemade SOAP. You can also very well caring for your hair and thus avoid using different chemical ingredients that are often questionable and are found in commercial shampoos. For example, a chemical commonly found in the store bought shampoo is sodium sulfate (SLS), which acts as a wetting agent to help that shampoo produces great amount of foam. It has also been classified as a mutagen which can damage cell DNA therefore easily breaks (SLS) and free lipids fats, leaving skin hangover and that it is you can not retain moisture. It is not difficult to make shampoo at home. Similarly, it can also help to save a little money if you make your own shampoo. Of course, you must use the ingredients of natural origin, such as distilled water, organic herbs, essential oils and Castile SOAP.

Castile SOAP is made from of sources of vegetable origin, such as olive, coconut, hemp, soy, almond or jojoba oil. The health food stores most manufactured this kind of liquid soap mixed with fresh or dried herbs. You will need some supplies and additional equipment to hand in order to make your own shampoo, these are some of them: * 8 ounces (226.8 grams) containers for shampoo. This could be a bottle of shampoo used previously, which wash very well. * A large pot (that are not aluminium). * Tempered glass bowl. * Mesh colander. * Funnel.

All herbs give different properties, so you can customize your own formula to create beauty products made in house, all according to your type of hair and color. Lavender and Rosemary are suitable for all hair types. Oily hair responds well to the Mint and lemon, whereas dry hair shampoo made with flowers Comfrey feeds. The Sage and the nettle added brightness to dark hair, while Chamomile is ideal for hair clear. If the dandruff is a problem, try to use Comfrey, bark white willow or Mint. To make shampoo at home, you must first decide between the utilizacicon of two or three herbs according to your type of hair and color. It must then be the next way: * 7 oz (198.4 g) distilled water should be boiled in a saucepan. Then remove from heat. * Add about 6 Tablespoons (88.7 ml) of herbs to the pot and cover it. Allow herb mixture sit for 30-45 minutes. * Squeeze the herbs, reserving the liquid in a glass container. Cool the liquid completely. * Add 4 Tablespoons (59,15 milliliters) of liquid Castile SOAP to a ready shampoo bottle. * Pass through funnel liquid brewing herbal shampoo and tapala bottle. Shake gently before each use. Note that to make shampoo at home, it is possible to do foam in the same degree that shampoo commercial, this is thanks it is free from chemicals. However, that does not mean that your shampoo done at House is less effective in the cleaning and conditioning. In fact, what is most likely to find hair in better condition after using homemade shampoo.