We not only want to learn to not repeat it, we gain an advantage. Get around the problem and use it for personal gain. Gain insight and clarity with Jos Shaver. That was what you did Art not only prevented a good row but his superior trachea got rich. That's serendipity. Let's go to another track to get the idea of our life. It is something so familiar and yet so valuable as a sense of humor.

The humor will help us a lot in the previous point, since without humor is hard to play down mistakes. Moreover, the humor is considered one of the ingredients basic creativity. Without humor no disinhibition and when we are tense or inhibited, there are no good ideas. In goes something like serendipity. We need humor to create new situations that inspire us. Many companies use humor as a livelihood from their creativity. Vueling offers indie music during the flight in addition to series like The Simpsons or Friends. In addition, the commander tells jokes and everything seems to be off a game when they say that a preparados for takeoff, 3, 2, 1a Vueling! a Vueling is not the only company making this kind of thing.

The founders of the company Ben & Jerry s go further. Dress up in meetings or organize the day of free ice cream for which they rent a cow-truck and handing out ice cream van themselves. Today they are one of the leading ice cream in the world.