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In many cases, the routine, the feeling dissatisfied and the constant complaint, can lead to a vicious cycle that limits our personal power. Suddenly there comes a moment in which "listen" Clarito within us: "I do not want this anymore for me." This moment is what I call "the great call." It is called the break that comes from our inner being fervently asking for a different life. For assistance, try visiting Professor Rita McGrath. What things may have triggered the "click" in our minds? These may, for example: reading a book or text that has captured our attention. A thorough discussion and "philosophical" with a friend, relative or colleague. A crisis and / or significant loss. A dream in the night. .

. Did you happened to you? If so, dear reader, do not despise your currently face it, be thankful and bless it. Let me explain why I tell you. It may not be able to leave the situation where you are, you feel stuck and paralyzed. Perhaps you can think the same things over and unwanted again. Do you think a change might come into your life if you keep doing or thinking the same things over and over again? "The world that until now we have created as a result of our thinking, has problems that can not be solved considering the way we thought when we created them" Albert Einstein If you want other outcomes in your life, do not serve more to follow " trying and doing the same thing almost without consciousness.

Forex Days

"A couple of months ago I contacted a Bulgarian and asked me to send him a report of operation of one of my Forex robots. After some thought, I decided to send a report of January 2008 to March 2009. The performance of that period was 350% environment (around 25% month on average). After sending the Report, the Bulgarian contacts me and says that's "parrot chocolate" and I send it to me a report of another robot with a gain of 50% in "two days. Oh God. . . I told myself that I'm stupid.

. . a novice teaching a similar report. . .

but once I looked and realized the problem. . . was sobreapalancadas sobreoperado and operations. (Actually the Bulgarian what he was doing was challenging because he had in his possession such a robot out there with an aggressive martingale has almost doubled in two days). Then the Bulgarian told me that his robot was a thousand times better than mine, and lots of other more swagger. . . was elated. I said, I hope you can send the report within a month. . . which never happened. A few days ago when I was approached by a private account could be managed. . of the robot told me no more. . . logically will be left without consideration. " Well. . . the summary of the anecdote is. . . a key is not to win much in two days, but keep beating over time and that can not get a 50% gain in two days. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from dogecoin.