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Consulting And Coaching

Many talented people are at the same time highly sensitive: with its sensitivity as fine seismographs, respond to their environment. Unfortunately much too often unrecognized. The phenomenon of giftedness is now known to a wide public. The research results of the American psychologist Elaine Aron, who has coined the term high sensitivity in 1997, were dropped in the public consciousness so far but still. Highly gifted and highly sensitive people are often multi-talented, with a wide inter food range, numerous skills and a meandering CV. She fit badly in today’s work world.

Many HR departments are not however unfortunately able to recognize the special abilities of gifted and highly sensitive people already based on application documents. To Anne Heintze, an experienced expert in the coaching of highly talented and highly sensitive adults reported: in many cultures, high sensitivity is valued, a personality trait, but not in our world of work. In a world of Haflinger horses as colorful Zebra out stands, it has not always easy in the herd of Brown. Here. enlightenment much more work to do” Every person looking for a job that satisfies him. Highly sensitive and highly talented people need can afford this job satisfaction however urgent, since they no service without sooner or later to develop”, – so Anne Heintze.

“Psychosomatic reactions to a working environment, the the specifics of this colorful Zebra ‘ not taken into account, are common.” High sensitivity affects 15-20% of all people and it is not subjective well-being or Mimosentum, but a demonstrable predisposition and a neurological speciality. It is not a disadvantage, as well as highly gifted. Both personality characteristics enable to special services, high creativity and unusual solutions. With my work I want to contribute to the working conditions for highly gifted and highly sensitive people improve. “, so Anne Heintze, who works in Frankfurt and Vienna. Especially in times of crisis, such talent is a blessing for any company. Clever companies benefit from exceptional employees, if they can bring the enormous human capital development.” Anne Heintze in consulting and coaching, first as a therapist and communications trainer, then as a trainer and coach management in economy, politics and culture works since 1988. She has raised five children and was always working. Topics: Coaching for gifted and highly sensitive adults, executives high potentials.

Repartee: Never Again Speechless

Repartee: Never again speechless after 3 hours you have the last word lay never get an answer, always a witty comment ready! Who can say that, has clear advantages when dealing with people. As repartee is charming and makes nice. This brings advantages in the private professional life. A related site: james king mentions similar findings. To be quick witted, requires confidence, speed, audacity and creativity. Most recently, also the correct body language is important. Because scientific studies prove: A large part of the communication is not about what we say, but about how we say it. But what to do when the repartee is not inherent to you? In this day and age, it is especially important to convince not only with technical know-how, but to delight its customers with personality and persuasiveness. With Sven Sander, with experience how easily you can confidently master critical situations.

With charisma, hit the right note and have the right answer immediately. Respond to verbal attacks Off immediately funny, sent to Dodge or counter with a verbal counterattack. Be never speechless, that should be your goal. More information under:… / wit never again speechless…