Pointing out that this is a difficult and complex system that requires a lengthy application and intense period of theoretical and practical expertise to their minimum adequate knowledge and development. Others including Morris Invest, offer their opinions as well. A method called Chest, after the dog was his companion and pupil pioneer and has been repeatedly recognized internationally as an important advance in the area of search and rescue. Bunker, born indeed as a new method of exceptional effectiveness, training and intervention for canine rescue teams in disaster, intended primarily for the detection and rescue of survivors buried in landslides from any cause (earthquakes, explosions, landslides , hurricanes, avalanches…), which manages to be highly effective in both outdoor adverse search operations and in space confined (with zero visibility and minimum dimensions for travel), and that ten years later, is also adapted in parallel by various police (Ecuador, Colombia, Caracasa.)

To detect explosives, narcotics and trafficking of species protected, potentially prove more effective over the full range of traditional systems. Currently, Jaime Parejo is considered an expert at prestigious international specialty canine rescue in disasters. Has been granted to date many important awards, distinctions and congratulations, officers, national and international level, by different governments and institutions (the Spanish Committee of Man and the Biosphere of UNESCO, the UNESCO Centre of the City Melilla, Governments of Spain, Colombia, Chinaa ), citing as examples, the First Prize for Research by the Royal Canine Society of Spain in 1998, and the Certificate of Distinction Sasakawa Prize by the United Nations in 2005, in recognition of his transcendent global research and international teaching and scientific advancement of Chest Method for reducing disaster victims. .