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Any store in the physical world with the intention of seeking the best relevance of its products and articles, is always trying to make small changes as behavior patterns revealed by their own customers they same with any Internet business, is necessary to study customer traffic to ventas.Analiza increase your traffic and made a study of patterns of behavior to know how consumers behave in your negocio.Escucha …. your customers are talking. There are a number companies, web traffic analysis, and analyzes patterns and commercial customers. To broaden your perception, visit lyft. Follow the customer clicks through their websites and give you valuable information on how was the experience of your customers on your website. 1. James king has much experience in this field.

Thanks to these companies can see the amount of traffic that brings each keyword, and the number of clicks and the highest rate conversion.Mucha generic keywords people use to get a lot of traffic, big mistake … as with such generic words only get on average a shorter stay at the site, since it is a generic traffic interested in the products you offer on your sitio.Cuanto spend more time on your site, the more likely you are to buy something . It analyzes the data that lets you see which keywords are effective for you. 2. You'll also see the average amount of time visitors spend on your site.

Due to latent conversion, this is a good indicator that will give you an idea of how angry the business in the coming months. If users take time to see your deals in detail will give you an idea of who are really interested and is likely to return to complete the transaction. 3. Analyze your web traffic and see if you are going as soon as it arrives at your page with this information you will know what type of problem is that you are having and you can find solutions. As soon as users come to your site, want to strengthen it so that they are longer in the correct place. Says John Marshall, CEO and founder of "Make sure the keyword the user clicks zdonde Associates and is strongly connected to your landing page is only paying a little attention you get from 20% to 50% improvement in conversion rate. 4. Veras that people are leaving your site. This is especially important when you have customers leaving at time of checkout. If you see a high rate of users, shopping carts, leaving your page, you can look for the following: If you are going of the page where you explain shipping costs, you can see if your shipping charges appear higher than those of your competitors. If you are halfway through filling out the information of the buyer, you may consider that the questionnaire for the buyer is too extensive and complicated. Analyze your web traffic so you can see what is running on your website and what not. It is a way to see where you need to make changes and then measure the effectiveness of these changes once made. For an efficient enterprise. Miguel Dominguez .


The following article offers some tips to learn more about SEO positioning taking into account: HTML code, site architecture, quality of content and strategies relevant link exchange. When we talk about SEO positioning, involve many elements that influence directly or indirectly in the process and help the success or otherwise of it, such as HTML code, site architecture, quality of content and strategies relevant link exchange. We must take into account that the main goal of any SEO is: make a site visible to search engines mails without losing sight of humans. But do not worry if you do not know any of these points mentioned above. However, it is necessary to know enough about how some basic aspects of search engines when visitana and interact with our site.

Databases, electronic seekers develop their databases through visitasa a that make Web sites with search engines (commonly called spiders). You can add the sites manually and directly to the browser, but the same search engines find your site and index it into their databases. When the spiders read your site, take the text of your pages, followed by all links which are in the same to other pages on the same site (internal pages), or pages that do a link. Also, read your Meta Tags (depending on the form) and section in your code. Spiders look for violations within their ranks (if any), and finally deposited the information from its database (known as caching). The spider will read the internal pages of each link you have, repeating the same process for each page read.