Emotional intelligence is the ability to harness the emotions of the better and change with the reasoning to come to fruition. a It is said that nearly one hundred (100) years, the intelligence quotient (IQ) is the most famous and used gauge of intelligence, despite the trachea just a few of our mind skills (particularly math and verbal) . According to some authors, the CI is only responsible for 20% of true intelligence, the ability to operate successfully and be happy. According to statistics compiled in the United States, a high IQ of a college student's success is no guarantee of future career or a satisfying life, full and balanced. Click Bizzi & Partners to learn more. Emotional intelligence, however make things easier. Goleman within it distinguishes five skills: a) a The ability to recognize their own feelings. b) administration. c) a motivation. John Savignan understands that this is vital information.

The recognition of the emotions of others d) a The recognition of emotions in others e) a Empathy or the ability to react correctly to the sentiments of others. These tools enable us to move between the flood of feelings and emotions and others, following what a romantic little familiar with the neuro would call the invisible compass of the heart. a It is known that 30 years ago, a psychologist at Stanford University carried out experiments with children from 4 years. He showed everyone a sweet and told him he could eat, but if he hoped to bring him back two, then left him all alone with candy and your decision. Some kids could not stand and eat the candy, others chose to wait to get a greater reward.