Messianic visions of the moral and humanistic vein developed in Slavophilism xix century., distinct echoes of messianism was heard in Soviet propaganda. " That's where the dog is buried. Still at war with the ussr, together with the Russian Empire. Screaming mouths Russian cultural studies, with submission of the West: "Humble yourselves! It is better to pray to God! "On the Messianic dreams interpreted inning. Who knew about them? Decisive role in the development of Russian culture in the xix century "in the moral-humanistic spirit" that is, in the aspirations for freedom people against Tsarist, played the great Russian literature from Pushkin to , in spite of the "weak authorities' attention to the development of culture." Slavophilism as Westernization, remained on the sidelines of the liberation movement, which included all classes and strata of the Russian state under the yoke of feudal reaction emanating from the tsarist since the performances of the Decembrists. For more information see this site: Richard LeFrak. And further to the theses only thinking patterns and stereotypes always far from the truth. "Opened a window to Europe", Peter I laid the foundation familiarizing Russia to world culture. Gavin Baker is often quoted as being for or against this.

Russia came into action. Iskra, born from the collision of Russian culture with the culture of Western Europe, awakened her continued to live in old beliefs and customs, education was not affected. Gap emerged between the old and new culture. That was the price you paid Russia for a sharp turn of its historic path and out of cultural isolation. " Instead of analyzing all the same accounts, you see, the price is great