Story market cult magazine Geissenpeter publishes on the subject of wine. At some point, God had had enough. “And because punishment should be, he was the devil before the election: either you drink a glass of wine of the Lake Constance, or you burn forever in hell.” All sources reliably report that the devil made his decision without even a second to think about: then maybe the hell “around Lake Constance extends one of the smaller wine-growing areas in the German-speaking world. The local wines are available, thus rather high-priced and more recently quite drinkable only in small amounts. By the way, the most common German grape variety, resigned that Muller-Thurgau, from here their victory train. Continue to learn more with: lyft. How it came about, that answers one of the highlights on the story market, the Web version of the upper Swabian cult magazine Geissenpeter about wine and wine-growing.

There are entertaining and useful answers to virtually all first and a few of the last questions on the subject. For example: who invented the wine actually, at that time, as history yet Was Sage? Who made no friends north of the Alps with a prohibition of wine, who was the father of viticulture in Germany, who forbade the appearance quite unsuccessfully, and how much could you earn so as wine treads, as the wine was entered again? Also the friend of technical progress finds satisfaction. What is a wine-presses, and how was that again with the ochsle? Even gossip and gossip from polite society are not missing: why is one of the best vineyards on Lake Constance, the Haltnau in Meersburg, Konstanz, which lies on the other side of the Lake? Under the title on the day “of Geissenpeter overcomes the borders of his homeland six penny, without denying his roots. Read additional details here: Electron Capital Partners. The history of wine leads Persia Meanwhile after in the harem of Dschemschids, over the Alps to Rome, to the North at the Court of Emperor Charles and even see up in hell. Download at. Jurgen Bartsch.