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Construction Of Small Hallway

When you create the interiors of apartments are usually attention deprive the hallway. Her every now and then reduce or combine with other spaces, subject the simple unobtrusive furniture. While even a small entrance hall can be made comfortable and beautiful. With that, the hall is usually the guests a first impression of the apartment, it is usually a close, narrow, with no natural light, with plenty of doorways. Therefore, first of all, good lighting already at the threshold will be set up to relax and open communication with home. Thus, creating a hallway design pay attention to the bright lights. With proper selection and placement of lights a small room may seem more spacious.

If your hallway a low ceiling, you can hang lights with light directed upward. Very versatile and best combination of general ceiling lighting with a few spotlights. Particularly useful wall lamps with movable heads, which, thanks to the adjustable angle of rotation allows you to direct light rays in the right part of the interior. This solution is particularly well for multi-room apartment where the other premises "originate" from the hallway of geometrically complex shapes. Here you can resort to the light zoning and directional lights mark the entrance to each room. In addition to general lighting, try to add local, that is so necessary to illuminate the mirror zone. The reflection was clearly visible, the light should be directed uniformly to the surface without creating glare and shadows. Better just hang lights on both sides of the mirror – at about the level of the head.

Bedroom Furniture Furniture

Bedroom interior design has always paid much attention, it is no secret that the bedroom is the most intimate room in the house, her soul. And the furniture here should be appropriate: condusive to relax after a long day and to brisk rise in the morning. Everything here should be comfortable and functional, so that even in the small space, owners can feel comfortable. Usually furniture for the bedroom is chosen in the same style. In this case, best to pay attention to the special bedroom suites, which consist of a bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, chest of drawers, dresser and mirror. A set of modular furniture can be modified in accordance with the wishes of the owners: it may be missing any pieces, or to appear more like a screen or a portable console that can play, including the role of the table for breakfast in bed. Major impact the choice of elements is the configuration and size of the room. In addition, you must select a decision style bedrooms.

This may be strictly classic – a dark, slightly pretentious furniture, bed with oak headboard, cabinets on legs. For small room fits the style of hi-tech or minimalism. The main thing here – bright colors, a minimum of furniture, modern accessories and a feeling of lightness space. If you like smooth intricate shapes, and custom solutions, then you fit bedroom furniture in the style of Modernism or Art Nouveau. But the interior design of bedrooms is not limited to the standard framework.

Modern Decorating Materials

Laminate flooring – modern decoration materials. Laminate flooring refers to artificial flooring, which has won great popularity thanks to a quick and relatively clean floor finish. Even 10 years ago, select laminate Russian market is limited mainly to two or three foreign manufacturers, which offered very similar in properties and decor panel laminate. Among these companies certainly stand firm and Kronoteks Tarket. In 2009, , our company has been cooperating with 20 manufacturers of laminate flooring and panels, among them the German flagship, the Russian plants working on behalf of European producers, as well as dozens of Chinese factories which began to offer good quality products worldwide. With the increasing number of producers increases and an assortment of laminate flooring. There are new patterns, gaining a laminate 33 classes, which for strength and life is not inferior to the parquet.

New forms of laminate flooring. New trend – it is a laminate in the form of ceramic tiles that can be used in the hallway or the kitchen with new vodootalkivayuschim coating and impregnation for joints. A common question – what is a laminate can be used in the kitchen? or in the hallway where many people are constantly taking place. Originally, laminate classes 2 and 3. Laminate Class 2 was designed for domestic use. Such as 21 – for the bedroom, where almost nobody goes, 22 – for more than passable rooms, a 23 – room suites lih corridors, where the largest cross in the day. But now you are on any market or shop will not find a laminate 21.22 or 23 classes.

Their replaced laminates. which were originally intended for commercial premises. It laminates 31, 32 and 33 classes. In accordance with the domestic class of 31 – for rooms with a small cross. 32 – for premises where people reside and laminate is under load. And 33 class – for the most traversed areas – conference rooms, lounges and podoyunye premises. Even the 1931 class are buying less and less. 32 and 33 classes remain on the market. 32 class copes with any accommodation and the laminate 33 classes for several years perfectly performs its functions in many commercial. Right now every manufacturer has a laminate 33 classes. It is a laminate with such a class Friability used for the manufacture of new form factors – is often an imitation of ceramic tiles and wooden boards.

Bedroom Color Design

It is therefore recommended to be careful with decorated bedroom in green tones. So you can draw a bedroom located on the east, south-east, south and north. Param ideal to have in the interior of a bedroom red tones as well as red – the color of fire, passion, love. But not all, red is favorable, so decide for itself favorable elements can begin to redesign bedrooms. Bedrooms are located on the south, east, northeast, northwest and southwest, can be decorated in the colors of fire. For couples it is very important to have a bed with one mattress, the bed should not have divisions, there should be two mattress and you can not just put two beds together. Since the division of the bed of love promises a rift in the relationship and break these relationships. It is important not to have in your bedroom mirror, mirrors are used in magic, like other doors in the world, and it is not casual, mirrors possess qualities which we in everyday life do not notice, there are rites of mirrors through which magicians remove items they need or quality "of a party." The sleeping person is vulnerable, and if he reflected in a mirror, then the possibility of breaking energy increases.

In addition, if a sleeping couple is reflected in the mirror, it symbolizes a crowded marriage, which leads to a third person in the relationship. Bed is not should stand between the window and door, otherwise the energy of sleeping people will break down the rapid energy going from door to window, and vice versa. That can lead to disease, or rupture of relations. Also, the bed in the bedroom is not should stand so that the sleeping person or a couple feet were turned toward the door. At present, it became very fashionable to build homes the second floor with sloping ceilings are that terribly uncomfortable and very negative for the people living in these rooms. Sloping ceilings create a feeling of depression and may cause disease.

In order not to suffer the adverse effects of sloping ceilings, must be placed in the bed room so that she was not under sloping part. In addition to a bedroom in the issue of color of fire and keep the room well lit continuously, it will help reduce the feeling of depression. Especially bad if the kids are sleeping in an inclined wall head, then do not wonder if they have bad grades in school. If the bed the feet of the sloping wall, then we can make a problem with the limbs. Therefore, an ideal room is a room of regular shape, especially for the bedroom, so as in the bedroom we spend too much time.