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Property Measurements

Sooner or later we (the owners of apartments, villas, cottages and offices) are confronted with the phenomenon for someone intimidating its irreversibility, and for someone on the contrary – they increase vitality and its own status and surrounded by friends and friends – the name of the event – repair! Repair, as weather can be different: 1) the easily precipitation – this means that the feeling of complete euphoria and unearthly happiness you can separate or whitewashing ceilings with new wallpapers in an apartment, or, say, a change of heart linoleum in an expensive office, 2) storm warnings – this test and at the same time delight for connoisseurs, anticipant architectural alterations to the transfer of walls and structures creating a new design, planning a complete change of appearance of its urban or suburban homes. And, just for the second category of homeowners and is intended to this article. Done! Finally you have purchased a home of their dreams. Do not mind the lack of plumbing, final finishing facilities and a complete lack of planning, because you are all still all going to build and repair "under him." Where it is essential to begin with? It is important to correctly make layout of the premises for the subsequent design of engineering systems or design, ie to tonnage of the object. To do this you need simple tools: tape measure, laser rangefinder, a plumb and a bit of patience combined with the skill. Methodology for architectural measurement can be learned from books, tn Sokolova, la Rudskoi Architectural measurements "(published by Architecture-C, 2007.), And can refer to specialists in this field, By the way, for quite a modest fee. Oh, and do not forget to plan obmerochny facades, because, if the plan finishes expensive materials, then you absolutely need to accurately calculate their number! Well, finally, finished measurements of the premises, walls, facades of your cottage or apartment. One can even imagine that you yourself have done filming the interior walls, and noted all the necessary height, because of this you ask your designer.

Next, begin the procedure, called vectorization, or making drawings! Stop! Why have you taken out of the closet an old drafting table, so even with a broken T-square! You have a graph in stationery to drive across town! All progressive engineering and architectural planning of humanity has long passed for special graphics packages – AutoCAD and ArchiCAD. It is in these programs and should make floor plans, longitudinal and cross sections, do the sweep of walls, facades, and perform other types of drafting work, especially if you talk about the 3D visualization. Thus, only half done! All drawings are made by you in strict accordance with the basic requirements for design and working documentation and meet the standards eskd. Now you can safely send their engineers, designers, or your designer to produce a working documentation. And after that, it remains ready to transmit "rabochku" foreman – and enjoy the repairs! It must be remembered that professionally made up tonnage Plans and drawings – can save you time and considerable funds for repair or reconstruction.

Stairs In Apartments

Stairs in the multilevel apartment – it is an important decorative detail of the interior, able to emphasize the overall style of the room and give it an original unique look. Someone selects main staircase with marble steps and strict proportions, someone will like comfortable ladder in country style with antique railings, and lovers of light contemporary designs be presented staircase made of glass, metal and plastic in the spirit of minimalism, or high-tech. Furnished our stairs in the apartment, is to carefully plan its location relative to space, since its ill-conceived arrangement is able to change the room beyond recognition, to dissonance structure of the interior, to distort its overall meaning. And yet, the staircase in a city apartment, as well as in a country house – is primarily a means of moving between levels, so it is important to stair design was not only sophisticated but also convenient, safe and reliable. Therefore, selection of materials for its production, as well as to the design and location, should be taken very carefully. And in this case, the quality of materials is critical role, since it affects the security you and your loved ones..

Apartment Errors To Be Avoided

Many mistakes in the repair of the apartment, requiring rework and, consequently, leading to loss of money and time associated with the initial stages of repair, its design stage. If your intention is repairs to venture from the outset should represent not only the general concept, but the details – it needs to draw up a design project. Begin repairs without the project – the first big mistake. To compile the project you can turn to professionals, but it is very a paid service, but if there are problems, the builders themselves have to fix and correct errors under the supervision of the architect is required to prescribe in the contract. If there is no possibility and desire contact the professionals, such projects can make yourself for what you need to carefully study the building codes (SNIP) and address some common errors, mainly related to communications and electricity.

Errors with water and sewer system (plumbing) Most errors occur at the stage of the project. When drafting the need to remember that alterations associated with the general communications – the most delicate. If you decide to move the sink in the kitchen to another place, removing it from the sewer riser, you should consider in the draft that the normal drainage of water must be observed drop height – about 3-5% relative to the length, ie, for every square meter of the order of 3 cm difference: if you back the washing of the riser 6 m – it should be raised to 18 cm, but with a car wash anything yet, because its siphon is high, but a bath and toilet drain is located at the bottom, and if you put them away from the sewer riser blockage you can not avoid – plums inevitably will not work.

Petersburg Real Estate

For example, in the West, the use of such technologies is prohibited by lack of environmental use materials. While the stone house can be built from six months to a year, a cottage made of logs erected for 3 months. The house is constructed of laminated veneer lumber about 2 months and 1 m2 of the house cost to the customer at 550-600 dollars. Most economical (350-450 dollars per 1m2) is the construction of frame houses, building ads. It is the same – very fast: to bring home from the finished sandwich panels, it takes only a few days. Aleksey Rogov Head of Directorate of country projects of Petersburg Real Estate: frame house building occupies 20% of the primary suburban real estate market. On the market there are quite cheap materials from domestic producers (not factory production), the Russian-frame houses of factory production (higher price category) and most expensive, but high quality frame houses of the Finnish factory production.

The first niche is actively working company . Such technology has been used in the construction of a cottage settlement ". During the second largest market share is HAUS-KONZEPT Commonwealth (draft in Ioannina). In the third – well-known manufacturers Honka (Lake's Berry Club) and Lapponia House. Prefab homes are used in cottage settlements for both permanent and temporary residence, but the most popular with wanting to live outside the city all year round. Using frame housing for areas evenly distributed. Buyers of these houses – young people, up to 45 years.

Building Repairs

Of course, replacement of worn out pipes, valves and radiators needed. Coupled with the thermal insulation of the building allows it to eliminate heat loss. However, reducing the heat in the house to ensure a reduction of heat, but only lead to an increase in air temperature in living quarters. And, as a rule, excessive. Thus, no increase Energy utilities are not happening.

Living in the same apartment buildings instead of one problem get another. After all, manage home microclimate they can only be one way – opening the window and "warming" the street. At the same time heat meters, which are installed in every home will soon be mandatory, not register a save heat, but on the contrary, the growth of its consumption. The key to solving this problem with two unknowns is concluded in just two words: regulation and accounting. "The inhabitants of each town house and every apartment should be able to control their heat consumption, receiving a direct financial benefit from its reduction and self-defining comfort temperature levels of indoor air – says Pavel , deputy ceo of Danfoss (the world's leading manufacturer of energy efficient equipment for heating and heating buildings) in the interaction with public authorities and administration and a member of the Expert Council on Housing for construction committee of the Duma. – Only in this case energy efficiency of housing abstract categories becomes a real prospect. " A clear demonstration of this is the experience of some Nordic countries, where energy efficiency has long become a national idea.