In the stories on the history of life of the pupils of Cheap the Magalhes School, it more still increases the reflection of the importance of the paper of the School who we want for our life. In all the arguments of its histories of life have its dreams, its objectives; what more they persist is the profession. We can perceive that it has concern with regard to the professional qualification, all want a school that can prepare them for the life. Most interesting it is the vision that these young already has of the society that they are part; what they think of this society that we have, of this school that we want, porque' ' It does not have right to the life, to the freedom and to the security, it does not have equality front to the law or right to the had process, without right to the work, the health, the education, to a minimum wage, the feeding, the housing and a significant level of life and vice versa, for a simple reason: the set of these rights has the same purpose: dignity humana.' ' In thematic ' ' The School as I begin of vida' ' versions important confide to relate a history to the other, since my history of life is not different of histories of life of the educandos. Everything started in the agricultural zone, in the school simplesinha with little structure, professors still without qualification.

But the dream to have a profession always said high more. All part of one I begin, starting for the history of our antecedents, and everything justifies for the questionings: Who we are? Of where we came? What we make? What we want? The construction of knowing and the communication to them contribute for this formation; in the socioeconmica life, cultural and politician. Our school today tries to fulfill to the paper politician to participate in the social transformation.