future builders opt for schufafreie loans more and more people opt for a credit without Schufa. The cliche of schufafreien loans trade it is always dubious from gaming companies are over. Of course it still exists, but who are sufficiently informed and avoids deals with request costs should have no problems. The advantage is obvious free credits. Not rarely a small loan for his purchases someone before that needed. As we all know, these loans be redirected – if it is not schufafreie loans – on the Schufa.

Eventually comes the day when one decides to build and required a mortgage. Often these credit decisions fail but rather poorly due to the Schufascores for the future owner, so that the conditions are too bad or limited credit amounts are granted. Depending on the Schufa is cleaner, the credit conditions are better. For these reasons, many at a small credit opt for credit without Schufa. As a result keep the Schufascore in the green zone and if then, a mortgage to top conditions is possible without any problems.