What is passive income? The outsiders question is this, if it comes with a network marketing contact. Passive income is not something that exists. Passive income is established. An example: A new partner enters into a direct sales company. In the first few weeks, he is busy mostly with the learning of activity, with the sale and the establishment of appropriate know-how. Is all, then not longer quite new partner can start their own employees to provide, or to recruit.

These he will teach again the activity profiles, he educates his team. The partner earns the bulk of its income now from the differential commissions, through which he is involved in the sales success of its employees. Quality decides! The partner has knowledge of good, skilled and intelligent staff be passed and they accompanied the first steps they can do the job at some point even without his help. And this is the moment from which the partner of passive income achieved. He deserves a Participation of Commission on the achievements of its employees and their employees.

The partner’s money gets paid, without that he is actively involved in any sale process. He sits himself at the customer, nor he accompanied a new employee to the customer. His presence is no longer necessary. “If a distant the rags-the millionaire stories” told be he questioned right to the veracity of these stories. The story is true that person been advance always described: he learned the product content and selling, if only for a short time. He has good, quality people, and his learned knowledge trained with them until they can do it themselves. Then he did support it in the construction of his own team. He well and often did, he earns money to several employees without being actively involved in the sales process. Now, he achieved passive income. In the reputable business models, this passive income can grow infinitely. Strukturvertriebe.NET recommends: stay away from rogue Pyramid schemes and new starter companies. There are quite a few reputable multi-level, or companies who use the sales form of network marketing, where the design of his own team sustainable and long Rist-worth.