Many women have heard about this mysterious and strange notions as Nail Art: Nail Art Championships, a master of nail-art, training, nail-art. In fact, nothing strange in this title no. The phrase comes from two English words – nail (nail) and art (art), it is the art of painting, jewelry, nail design. At this point the nail industry has to offer us a tremendous amount of design options nails all of these designs can be learn in professional studios (schools) to teach nail art masters or professional salons. Today we will focus on the most accessible for every form of nail art – a planar design, performed with a fine brush using colors for nails. Of course, complex designs can be done only in the cabin, but believe me, stylish and simple options you can perform at home.

So, what do you need to decorate their nails at home? Firstly, this basic coverage – the basis for your design. If you apply the design directly onto the natural nail, colored pigments, paints may stain it. To protect the nails a base coat, we advise you use EzFlow Milky Base Coat, Nail Perfect Clear Base Coat. The best option would be if you use these very basic coatings, because they also serve (English ridgefiller, ie the equalizer rough surfaces on nails). This allows you to create a smooth surface for applying your future designs. Secondly, you need a brush. The preferred response is to choose a thin brush of wheel size # 0 or # 00 (in professional language that sounds as Kolinsky Sable # 0 / # 00).