As it is well known a large number of fields of action in the lives of people should be covered by media assurance, i.e. must have as a Companion feature the presence of insurance that serves as sustenance for the activity and meet the negative consequences that are generated, leaving in the hands of insurance companies charge replenish losses caused economic criteriathing that insurers figure means a very important role within societies, however these to cover risks, looking for media that help them reduce the costs of losses, for which apply the reinsurance ceding part of risks to another company prevents the compliance of its indemnification obligations are severely affected. As the figure of reinsurance can see may be something different within the insurance field, but if is a simple operation, which were shown exposing different conditions that occur within the reinsurance contract. By the reinsurance contract, the so-called party insurer cedes to the reinsurer a part or total way risks that are covered with insurance, thanks to a Convention or Covenant about how will be spread premiums representing coverage of insurance against possible risks and also the way in which each of the parties of the contract of reinsurance be handled payments by the responsibility of compensation for damage or loss. The conditions of the contract of reinsurance premiums and liability division 2 groups occur: proportional reinsurance: the amount to be provided the reinsurer for compensation is determined by the value of the premiums received and the total value of these, which would be a proportional means between liability and premiums.

Non-proportional reinsurance: in this case the only reinsurer responds by certain values that exceed an established rate, i.e. before an accident of great value will respond the reinsurer. Among some of the main features that are evident within the contract of reinsurance, it is worth noting: the reinsurance will be a insurance contract about insurance, whereby a new agent, i.e. the reinsurer will take part in partial or total way of risks which were insured by the insurer first. Reinsurance does not change no provision the first contract between the insured and the insurer, thus solely responsible for the person affected by a sinister and that she was assured is the insurance company, so there is no any relationship between the insured and the reinsurer. The insurer by reason of the contract of reinsurance must submit part of the insurance premium to the reinsurer. Serious reinsurance then a way for insurers to reduce the responsibility I had economically, to be distributed to one or more reinsurers, so the main objective of the completion of a contract of reinsurance, is the prevention of the insurer, by means of a second insurance contract. Original author and source of the article