The Spanish real estate market is in crisis since 2008. The Statistics say that we are now far from the results of the year 2007. Tooling of the Spanish real estate market are downgraded to the year 2004 this issue has influenced the prices that are discounted, so that the houses in the past two years Spanish have become an attraction for foreigners, particularly for Italians. In particular the Italians look to the houses in Barcelona and Bilbao. But a recent statistic homes for sale in Barcelona are cheaper that the in Bilbao. In general the problem began with the burst of the housing bubble, speculative bubble in the market of real estate until the end of 2007 and early 2008, approximately. Before this period, banks and Spanish savings banks have granted loans of risk in more than 100 million euros in recent years. These loans, points out the country citing the AD of Banco Santander Alfredo Saenz, are what’s closer subprime them in the United States.

That the bubble burst. On January 11, 2011 is has gathered the Housing Commission of the APCE, where after reviewing several proposals has synthesized these proposals to make: after the economic crisis occurred in Spain the blocking of the financial system by the problems of the real estate sector, mode flooring purchased and financed today lacks a target valuewhich previously took. The value of land has a fundamental component that is the urban rating, awarded by the Administration, where two variables determine the price: buildable and construction type. Looking for an apartment in Barcelona? Today is the right day! If you look at sites selling real estate you can choose that the prices are really cheap. It could be a good investment for their economic interest! Even the Minister of building of Spain Jose Blanco Lopez in mid-January this year has declared that it is an optimal moment to buy a flat.