Monument real estate for own use or rental use rents attract: recent studies show that in particular German cities the cost of rental objects continually rise in years. Today, the rental rates are up to 20 percent above those prices that were common even five years ago. In the wake of persistent inflation, future significant rent increases will be expected. Who invests in your own four walls, is on the safe side. In particular, the investment in monument real estate is worth.

Who pulls from the apartment in the own real estate, must worry more about rising prices. The financing is completed usually about 10 or more years at a fixed interest rate and brings high monthly mortgage payments with. The loan is paid back in full, a high burden falls away – for the rest of your life. Just at the age rent-free living is a greater financial scope, and hence more solid protection, quality of life leads. Listed real estate offer a high degree of quality of living. The exceptional space, high ceilings and ornate facades are just some of the features that more than any other real estate brings forth a monument real estate.

Demanding people who desire modern living in an individual setting, are well advised with a monument real estate. The purchase price to be paid after the scream bug period a monument-protected object is typically lower compared to a new building. Renovation and modernisation costs incurred after the purchase, set in the personal financing plan must included, can be made however tax claims. Especially in higher income tax benefits, which can offer a monument real estate like no other investment in Germany, noticeable. Monument real estate can be purchased as a pure investment. In large cities a rental potential is good, vacancy rates are extremely rare in attractive locations. More and more tenants prefer well refurbished old buildings, taking into account their individual lifestyle. Experience shows that attract the rents, landlords benefit from lucrative rental yields, which, can surpass so many risky securities business despite the safer type of investment -. To find a suitable monument real estate for own use or for the rental, the advice from experts is important. The HansFinanzMarketing GmbH & co. KG with headquarters in Hamburg is familiar for many years developing exclusive monument real estate nationwide. On, prospective customers will find many attractive offers in whole Germany. About the pure mediation, investment in all aspects of monument real estate team advises individually and professionally. Company description of provider investment monument offers a serious investment in listed real estate in whole Germany. This investment particularly attractive tax advantages for investors and helps to preserve old buildings.