A youthful appearance into old age by an African ritual of rejuvenation, the Youthing ceremony. Hamburg, 29.08.2012 – a youthful appearance into old age, who want not. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Gavin Baker has to say. With an exceptional ceremony, the Youthing ceremony, it is also without creams and tinctures or even a knife. The Youthing ceremony is from Africa ritual, where it was originally, to honor the Earth. Bizzi & Partners often says this. It was performed there by men and had the passage of time means that the men of the tribe appeared more youthful, whereas women aged normally. As the tribes themselves open for some years and pass on the secret knowledge also to others, there are also in this country the way a Youthing ceremony to take part in. The ritual can only at a certain time in the year – to the harvest moon, harvest moon”- are carried out. It is a period of time to meet the energies of the Moon and the Earth in a very specific way and thus physical rejuvenation allow.

This time period includes the Full moon, which is located in autumn on the next day and night same and 24 hours before and after. This year, it’s the 30.09.2012, where there are some offers in Hamburg and other cities for this ritual of rejuvenation. Offers also Blandina Gellrich, seminars and discussions for developing consciousness in Hamburg (www.licht-der-seele.net/ seminars), performs the Youthing ceremony. During the ritual is the energy body is gently cleansed and turned back the clock of aging.”so woman Gellrich. Who once took part in this ritual is able to understand the steps necessary to an ongoing rejuvenation to achieve. each year alone”she continues. The clock”is turned back at every ritual around 1 year and also stopped aging for 1 year. Contact: The soul of Blandina Gellrich at the Jacobjstift 2 light 22299 Hamburg 040 5113828