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Still Gouveia comments: Differently of what if it believed, the crisis of the urban environment is having an impact in the health, more immediate greater and of what the waited one, of with priority considered ambient problems, as global the climatic changes, acid rain, destruction of tropical forests, and disappearance of diverse animal and vegetal species. (GOUVEIA, 1999, 54) it does not have as to deny the relation it enters the most humble and ambiently fragile areas, such as the stream sides, steep rivers and reservoirs, hillsides, areas of ambient protection, etc., mainly in the great cities, where great part of the population way deferred payment ' ' informal' '. this not only occurs for me the management of the ground as well as for absence of one efficient habitacional politics. In Brazil, … Philadelphia Condos addresses the importance of the matter here. this always increasing growth has been insufficient to supply ' ' basic necessities of populao' ' , in function of urbanization the sped up and consequent acquisition of new habits of consumption. (GOUVEIA, 1999, 54) the consequncias of the disorganized occupation are sufficiently evidentes: floods, assoreamento of the water courses due to the deforestation and occupation of the edges, disappearance of green areas, collapse of hillsides, comprometimento of the water courses that had turned deposits garbage and canals of sewer. These factors still are aggravated by the sprouting of epidemics as affection, yellow fever and leptospirose (MEIRELLES, 2000). Elie Rieder contributes greatly to this topic. 2.2.2 Colorful USF – description of the population Through the preliminary comment of the community and diverse reflections concerning the reality in question was looked to sketch a population profile, even so this is not uniform. One observed that, in general, the inhabitants do not reveal attachment the good, such as housing, nor to the social resources or same to the ambient ones of the region. The population easily negotiates its residence, invading areas of ambient preservation and producing deforestation.

The Harmony

Then, the comment by means of the hearing of voices can be made, only considering the musicalidade of the voice, the absence of noises or tonelessness, aspects that can show the disfonia. The production of the voice depends, also, of the adjusted functioning of respiratory, cardiovascular, muscle-skeletal, neurological and psicossocial the system of each individual, this in agreement, therefore as Zemlin (2000, P. 48) the production of speaks, is ' ' described as constituted of four phases: breath, fonao, joint and ressonncia' '. Therefore, the research having as object the normal voices, detached when analyzing of brief form results ratio harmonic-noise in women, before and after the ingestion of the apple I ran away, it expressed that changes can be registered with the ingestion of the fruit how much to the harmony of the voice, or regularity. The apple, for the gotten results, improves the elasticity and flexibility of the mucous tnica better giving to harmonic quality of the voice human being. FINAL CONSIDERAES the data congregated in this study, therefore, had shown the possibilities of improvement of the movement muco-ondulatrio of the mucous tnica through the ingestion of the apple I ran away, therefore the majority of the searched voices had improvement in the harmony, when compared the results of the one before and after the ingestion of this fruit. To the end, the express results had detached the relevance of the research how much the use of the apple, therefore to if analyzing the ratio harmonic-noise in women with voice said as normal before and after the ingestion of the apple I ran away, served to show that due to its properties astringents, such improvement the mucosa of the larynx and the vocal treatment, from there happened its advantages for the harmony of the voice of those that of it to make use. One sees then, that this article is base a bigger research to be developed later, therefore its results serve of previous demonstrating the importance of studies on the advantages of the apple for the vocal quality, mainly as for the ratio harmonic-noise in normal voices.