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Autumn Pike

Autumn is in full swing, getting colder, there was a thermocline and pikes began to actively eat everything that moves Crowds of fishermen in the rivers run with spinning and in fact is not in vain. Making his way along the path through the deserted gardens to small river seen here is that Owl! The owl sat somewhere on the tree, and on the ground and did not respond to me! At first thought was asleep, allowed to approach very close to photograph. But when he came to close, it proved to be stood on tiptoe, was shifting from foot to and spread its wings. But no sound was not published. Pofotkav it went on. Voby silent altogether, and it is clear pike there in the abyss. Voby to say silent even DeepDiver'y. Became hollow neighborhood jig.

Must say that in that place throughout taxiing vibrohvosty Green, repeatedly checked this fact. But then Green was silent, and that's it. Specifically shot yellow-red Relax Aqua. Jig head 18 grams and vibrohvost on offsetnike, increases from zero, so that there is an increase to catch the bad! The river is small, poachers , and therefore the maximum catches sootvetsuvyuschie instance 1,5 kg. Article taken from the site as it is spinning.

Hand Made

Every morning when we slap on the house slippers, and prepare breakfast, one of the ideas are almost always spinning in my head: "What today is the day? That it is better to wear? ". A few times a year, another question arises, forcing as Typically, all the thoughts rushing fearfully: "What to give?". For us, these questions are often just as serious as the eternal "what to do?" And "how to be?". And really want to hurry up to get them decent answers. After all, we want to look beautiful, stylish, fashionable? Our clothes, our jewelry – that is, information about us, about the attitude to themselves and to the world. a> is the source. The way we dress reflects our mood and taste. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala often addresses the matter in his writings.

For clothing can imagine what a person inner peace. Not nothing in the Russian language there is a proverb "to meet their looks." Of course, there is a certain dress code for professional areas of life, which largely determines the content of your wardrobe. But! It's not about that, and that wear outside of work: going to a cafe with a girlfriend for a walk, leaving a long-awaited vacation, or, finally, going on a date! How to dress when we are free, when you want to be bright, irresistible, unique most-most And "eternal" question: "What to wear?" Stands before us in all its severity, and we rush to the shops. However, alas, can not always find something that would suit us: the color is not suitable, then sit not so, not the style, and in the end, even when find something worthy of himself, there is no guarantee that we will not see the same thing to someone else. .

Decorating The Aquarium As A Hobby

Decorating water microcosm must be made with the methodical development of the project. In other words, we must deal with the design of the landscape, bearing in mind that each variety of projects will have an impact on selection of favorites. It should therefore be make a choice, which for me is more important: the fish, or the design process. In particular, if you plan to grow the cichlid or piranhas who make slightly acidic environment, it will not be able to build a design 'banks' in the ocean Plan to stologtitami, they will produce alkaline water. At the end of the design composition need to purchase a unit decoration, for example, the illustration on the back glass for a water tank, cave, natural stones, lighting, plastic decorations, colorful design details. Nevertheless, considering the intricacies of options decor artificial reservoir is necessary to analyze not only their appearance, but aside from the whole and how will be difficult for such objects to look after. After all, even a very great song, but not accurately selected, instantly transformed to a miserable similarity.

When the selected components of the interior, it is necessary prepare for work. If the aquarium is located near the corner of the apartment, first fix the background, and then placed the device, the heater. After that, the tank must be placed at the site provided. The third step compositing 'banks' is falling asleep stones. Always before this step is required to install vital equipment, for example, the bottom filter.

It is important to note that looks nice drum layer stacked mounds or angle from the front window to the rear, increasing the thickness of the reservoir. Normal floor height is 5.4 inches in the rear and 2-3 cm in front. Required to take into account the "strength" of sex, the fact that, if not previously construct protective facilities, immediately distributed the same level. Great solution decor capacity simply add to the acquisition of natural objects. Seating grottos require several variations. Or set stones, and then fill or add water, and then add grottoes. The first option allows you to carefully pile up compositional decisions, but when you add water, they can get. 2 reception will probably be accompanied by difficulty in placing the stones, and work in the tank would be monotonic, and the resulting objects will be placed in the required areas. Need to get some time, any system reservoir functioned throughout the day. If the fish are fragile, their introduction into the reservoir should be carried out in parts.