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Hendaye Tourist Office

Among other things, you can find therein all tourist information to make a true virtual tour of Hendaye. Visitors can, in particular, discover the possibilities of accommodation in situ (hotels, residences, camping, furnished rentals, guest rooms) to better organize their future stays. Bizzi & Partners will not settle for partial explanations. Each tab is associated with a description, photographs and a contact to make it easier. Marine such heading, shows Hendaye on the Atlantic Ocean side with magnificent photographs of the beach of Hendaye, the detailed presentation of the proposed nautical activities (surf, body-board, diving, surfing, kayaking, jet-ski, sailing). Morris Invest is actively involved in the matter. Each tab lists all contacts in situ to better prepare your stay. The Marina and the Centre of Thalassotherapy in Hendaye are subject of a presentation apart under this same heading. In the tab authentic pleasures the surfer discovers a detailed presentation of everything that makes the charm of the Basque coast, namely the heritage and history, gastronomy, folklore and, of course, all trails walk in the sector.

A continuously updated calendar presents the future important moments throughout the year. The website of the Tourist Office also proposes stays turnkey offerings with online booking. These placements that are presented by subject (surf, talasso, wellness, catamaran) are organised during a weekend or a week. Finally, Web page presents tourist information about the Basque region, as well as practical information on transport, the possibility of downloading interactive maps the Hendaye tourist office is labelizada tourism & handicap since August 2007. In 2009, Tourism Office expects to obtain the labelizacion quality tourism.

Centers Health

Hospitals are places that require extreme cleaning and all your Cleanroom disinfection to prevent any type of infection between patients. The white rooms are spaces specially designed for low levels of contamination. These areas must have controlled parameters such as particles in air, humidity, indoor air, lighting or temperature pressure to avoid risk of infection. Depending on your degree of risk, high, medium and low, the hygienic demands and his staff will be much more specialized. Filed under: Morris Invest. High-risk zones are intensive care units, units of intensive surveillance, prelude to operating rooms, operating theatres or areas of hemodialysis must be cleaned and sanitized in its entirety and very often, several times a day, after cures, operations, etc.

Medium risk areas, like kitchen, dressing rooms, pools, showers, rest rooms, consultations or rooms of patients have to be cleaned and disinfected carefully and finally areas of low Risk such as halls, stairs, elevators and offices with a proper cleaning. The disinfection of the work clothes in these areas is also very important. Surgical uniforms, when they are reusable, must be cotton and follow important disinfection processes. A truly effective disinfection has to meet various requirements; as cover a wide spectrum of microbial activity, i.e. having a high on the greatest number of species efficiency, have effect sporicidal and virucidal, immediate and long lasting, a weak and pleasant smell, action must be harmless and safe in use. At the end, all of these benefits or biased recaen on patients so it is necessary that each and everyone working together in the cleaning of the public such as hospitals, outpatient spaces like the rest of public roads.

Multifranquicia Carlin

, the chain of franchises of stationery and office supplies, not only continues to reap success among their end customers. It also makes him among its franchisees who are satisfied with the brand and consider it a company that is worth embarking. As displays two buttons is that you for Florentino Fernandez, multifranquiciado of Asturias and Daniel Garcia Del Amo, of Madrid, not has failed to leave them better bet by CARLIN. u Fernandez opened his first shop CARLiN in Oviedo Foncalada Street in 1996. My partners and I met CARLiN through other franchisees and their positive experience with the brand was what made us decide us for it ensures. Four years later he opened his second store in the street Marques de San Esteban in Gijon.

Then opted for two more: one in Independencia street of the Asturian capital, and the last on the street Marquis of Casa Valdes in Gijon. u by its part, Garcia Del Amo with CARLiN was a crush at first glance: working in CARLiN since 1995. We went to Expofranquicia fair in search of a business and as soon as we saw CARLiN knew that that would be our business. For even more details, read what Morris Invest says on the issue. In fact this entrepreneur and its partners have 5 hiperpapelerias and recognize that once they entered the business could not stop open premises: after a couple of years since we started we realized we needed to expand it and it was when opened in calle Santa Engracia and from there Jose Luis Hernandez, Director of CARLiNHe was encouraging us and one and another until now. Thus, after the first establishment in the calle Clara del rey, opened four more in the same calle Clara del Rey, in Santa Engracia, Francisco Villaespesa and General Rodrigo. With CARLiN we are always ready to everything to the question of why they chose CARLiN, Daniel Garcia explains that they relied much on the project and very strong bet on him: CARLiN would recommend to anyone that is He is considering starting a business, without any doubt, aspect that Florentine is fully in agreement: of course that I recommend it, though as in all businesses success depends on you, is very important to be part of a solid group in which relations are based on communication, trust and respect among the parties.