For many who are aware that they include in their sites, but still do not dare to turn on the PC, and dash with a theme, here are a number of indications that our postings are the best, or at least correct from a point of view of style. As the sonnet, a sonnet Violante sends me to do that in my life have I seen such a predicament Fourteen verses say it's sonnet mocking Trick, go three ahead … And we have the first quatrain. Want to make an item. R Sit wrote.

Focus on a theme. Imagine you are trying to position itself well with "Hotels in Caceres." Then, it will cost a lot of work to create items whose main theme is something not related directly with the hotels in Caceres. So do not try to write a posting about Miguel de Cervantes, or the Bernabeu stadium, if the KW is "Hotels in Caceres." Rather talk about the tourist attractions of Caceres, residents or industries that make large influx of visiting businessmen Caceres. Talk about hospitality as an industry features superior accommodations, amenities, hotels, etc … This type of topics is also valid. All text structured in the form of an article is like a Mamuska, those beautiful Russian dolls, which are one inside the other. That is, the sentence is within the paragraph, the paragraph in the article. Structure your paper before you start writing.

You know you're going to talk about the "hotels in Caceres, and decided to broach the subject of the characteristics of the Premium class accommodations, especially those found in Caceres. Your note will be: title + 4 or 5 paragraphs: definition, features a relevant, relevant features 2 hotels in Caceres, final recommendations and closing. Ready, your letter is already "demo". Following this logic, how to construct a paragraph? Main Idea + 3 or 4 accessory ideas. Main Idea: "A premium hotel should offer such benefits." Secondary ideas: the performance to be a premium hotel. It is not hard, right? And, as poetry: "… mocking joke, they all three front …" Do not make postings too long, between 500 and 600 words is about the limit of human attention is held. That is, if you need to make a composition too long, separate into two or three posts. Otherwise, many will begin to read your article, but few reach the endpoint. Also, visually, it is impossible to rank the ideas as it should if it is a text of enormous length. Where to put the KW? If possible in the title. If it is not possible in the first paragraph. Do not go crazy with KW, remember that we are in a semantic web: The most important is the meaning. Make relevant postings that are semantically related to what you want to promote, and get better results than if he becomes obsessed with a KW density. Forget those ridiculous rates: 2%, 3%, etc … Make postings linked its themes, that are interesting, innovative and original, and I never will go wrong.