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Valencian Community

The PP wants that Camps avoids the judgment and pays the fine of 46,000 Euros, although that entails that it recognizes his fault. Genoa thinks that there will be electoral advance in autumn, reason why the temporary coincidence between the campaign of Rajoy and the repercussions of the judgment would be due to avoid. The direction of the PP wishes and sees like more probable option that the Valencian president, Francisco Camps, pay the imposed fine, of about 46,000 Euros, by the case of the suits of the Grtel plot and avoids the passage by the bench although that entails that it recognizes his fault. Diverse sources of the cupola of the party stress that this one is not only the most reasonable option right now, but also is wished. The mentioned sources consider ” almost descartado” that Camps submits the retirement application and delegates its functions in Paula Sanchez of Leon. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bizzi & Partners and gain more knowledge..

There are contacts between the Valencian president and his surroundings with the national direction of the party. The sources do not confirm if Camps and the national leader, Mariano Rajoy, have spoken, but emphasize that ” more seguro” it is that thus it has happened. ” It could not be otherwise ” , they rivet. What him it can be asking Genoa the president of the Valencian Community not they clarify the sources. In prevailed they confirm that for Camps the options can be to pay the fine or only to resign to the position, but as they affect which this one last end is ” remotsimo” , it is expected since the president announces that the stipulated sanction will pay: 46,000 Euros if a reduction does not negotiate. Genoa would see thus overwhelmed its pretension at the moment, that she is the one to avoid the passage of Camps by the bench in a judgment before popular jury. In addition, the PP thinks that there will be electoral advance in autumn, reason why it would be due to avoid as outside a possible temporary coincidence between the campaign of Mariano Rajoy and the repercussions of the judgment. Source of the news: The PP sees like more probable option that Camps pays the sanction by the case of the suits.

Rodriguez San Pedro

Like the one of that they acquired its house does few years and that before the increases of the mortgages has stopped paying, being finally acquired by the Bank in the auction. The proprietors want to know if after this auction they are going to be able to recover something of the inverted thing in the house, and if they have stopped maintaining the debt that they still have contracted with bank or no. Also he is very frequent the consultations and activities related to the constructive defects in the construction.Deficiencies detected in the Buildings and that the Promoters and Constructors when giving to them are not corrected by the houses like deficiencies in the common zones when being Communities of Proprietors or Federations. All previous the referring one to the individuals, but also the Association has seen an important one increased in the consultations and judicial activities of diverse Companies, Promotional that have great difficulties to continue their promotions and to fulfill the commitments acquired and that ends up presenting/displaying Contest of Creditors. As well as Constructors who also undergo the consequences of non-payments of the Promoters throughout the work and that cannot support to the cost of the personnel and other expenses seeing itself forced to adopt the same measures that the previous ones, presenting/displaying Contest of creditors before the Courts. .