This being of the imaginary world, the fairy, belongs to mythology capable to carry through the dreams or ideals, inalcanveis to the human beings in so poucoespao of time. Beyond the mediators of the good, which we can characterizes fairy and its here varinha, on the other hand it also has those opponents, that is, osintermedirios of the evil, as giant, witches, wizards, between outrasrepresentaes. The main characteristic of the wonderful story is that, to aodesenrolar history, generally its personages possess reason and motivaocomuns, beyond the encantamento, that is basic part, where one to be sobrenaturalinterfere in the history in positive or negative way. In the truth, this is afuno makes that it to be so different of the literary narratives that if temconhecimento, therefore when it seems not to have more exit, the intervention appears deuma fairy to save the hero of the great conflict and to change its destination. The plot always involves the fight of the good against the evil where asoluo is found through the encantamento. In such a way, the evil acts on obem, in the intention to harm it, is born the great conflict, until the good is successful, the evil is punished etodos will be ' ' happy forever ' '. The plot of stories of fairies sebaseia for the sequncia narrative divided in episodes. In this way, if it can detach: the initial situation, when born in the kingdom atranquilidade and the personages is presented, the protagonist, suafamlia, its qualities, its lacks, its motivations and its destination, oespao and the time; the proper personages and its marcantes characteristics (he bomou badly); the conflict, when it seems not to have more exit, generally is umacomplicao in the life of the main personage; solution of the conflict with ainterveno of the magic; the outcome (marriage, rewards, repairing), sempresatisfatrio. The structure of stories of fairies ligado always brings a problem reality, that unbalances the tranquilidade and the order of the personages.