Self-sufficient in house construction in Berlin and Brandenburg since shortly before Christmas 2012 the Federal Government promised to replenish the energy programme of the KfW banking group for homeowners to 300 million euro. Added: extensive renovations at a reasonable level are funded by KfW now in the Energieeinsparverordnung 55 with 18.750 instead of 15,000 euros. In the Energieeinsparverordnung 70, the Bank Group raised support 13.125 to 15,000. Landlords can easier implement modernizations the new funding programme will replace the originally planned fiscal support of remedial measures, but means much higher expenses for property owners. Moreover, a revised rental law amendment Act approved by the Federal Council from spring 2013 provided into force. Including the refurbishment to facilitate other residential buildings.

On the basis of the new law landlord could impose easier modernization, such as the tenant. The extent of the tenant to should be increased also continue accepting remedial measures. The real estate Association of Germany”(IVD) in particular cost savings for smaller landlords expected from the change in the law. Energetic renovation for the period of three months, no reduction in rent to be more enforceable, if the tenant through these renewal measures in the long run can save expenditure. For an overview of significant changes for owners, managers and owners for 2013, as always in the new regional real estate journal. In addition, the new January issue contains actions and news around the building in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The energy self-sufficient model of the future in home construction in Berlin and Brandenburg in the long run should invest mainly in the energy efficiency of their home domestic capital. According to estimates by the German Energy Agency”, Germany’s household in the realization of the State energy efficiency targets could save 2020 already total about 11 billion euros. Prof. Dipl.-ing. Timo Leukefeld, expert on energy issues and German solar prize winners, swears on photovoltaics.