The condominiums are vendidos associates to a previsibility idea, of form that the purchaser will be able to foresee the one who partner-economic segment belongs its neighbors and as they will be its behaviors, tending to create a bow of similarity and indiferenciao between these parts so that it increases the confidence and the expectations of the purchaser in relation to the acquisition. In this context the homogeneity has the function to leave clear the difference between that they inhabit these areas and the others that inhabit the other spaces. The privacy idea also is recurrent in the real estate marketing, but not only the individual privacy, that is, the desired one in the interior of the unit of habitation, but also the privacy of the supplied social group more in relation to the others. It is reached through the exclusiveness and of the security that permeia the relation of these areas with the exterior city and the social groups compose that it. In this scope, the privacy is had as important element therefore is related directly the reaffirmation of the auto-exculpatory decision of the layer.

The technique allows that standards and procedures are established and reproduced so that either gotten the biggest profit. The production in mass and directed consumption strengthens the homogeneity at the same time that this is composed for an innumerable spalling, how much to this Lefebvre in its analysis dialectic affirms that on the other hand it is fictitious, therefore ' ' if it cannot completely separate the functions, ' equipamentos' of another one, is real (therefore all I break up of the space with its functions, divided as the works in the companies, get and keep an autonomy) ' ' (LEFEBVRE, 1980:154 cf. LENCIONI, 2010:4). These enclaves can be installed and to create new centralidades where the market to judge necessary, independent of localization.