The Argentine real estate boom ended, do not lower the prices they? 4 May 2009 in January 2006 decided to find a home to purchase. It did not have much money saved, and didn’t even have even the approval of a bank credit for such an adventure. Believe me that the search became really an adventure, since while I was in the process of search (a search that lasted more than six months watching over a hundred houses), the same prices were increasing without pause. Luckily, in July of that year I could give with the right House and after little more than three months, in the month of November had ended with the approval of the banking and closed credit purchase. He was convinced that the housing prices would continue with its strong upward trend not only by the inflationary context that Argentina lived, but by the strong demand that watched the sector, and not I was wrong. The House that I purchased is now at a value of nearly 2.5 times that I paid. After the crisis that decreed the final model of convertibility in Argentina, the Argentine real estate sector experienced a boom that clearly ended some months ago. This sector was one of the first that was recovered after the crisis of 2002 and its logic, among other reasons, was determined by the consequences of what was known as the financial corralon limiting withdrawals of deposits of the local financial system. Today in the Argentine real estate market, the reality seems to be totally different, partly because of the effects of the external crisis (while in Argentina the topic of the crisis subprime was not present, if the effects on the real economy of the global deterioration are being felt), but also by internal uncertainty affecting the economy and causing the Argentines prefer to take refuge in the dollar before the bricks.