Former franchisees reopen your business with real estate Alpha Alpha real estate is the real estate marketing-oriented and in recent months it has opened more than 20 franchises, especially between former franchisees that eventually closed its offices and now reopen them, or those who want to open a second business. This demonstrates the confidence franchisees have in the Ensign since, although many had to close their franchises due to the economic situation, again to open them as soon as they have opportunity. Alpha real estate thus constitutes a magnificent opportunity for self-employment in view of the current economic and employment situation. The Vice President of the Ensign, Jesus Duque, has stated that there are many people who are aware of how difficult it is to find work, especially those who have already served 45 years, although they incorporated into their resumes on their backs a long professional career. Are these people who demand a business with minimal investment, and why opt for us, that We have a specific project for them.

We do not want that the economic problems will prevent someone to start a business, and therefore we are committed to the creation of new real estate companies. Among the numerous innovations aimed at improving the real estate operations of its franchisees, the Ensign has opted for the creation of two new guides, one of them oriented to the seller and one buyer. The firm has also developed a new method of work which consists of meet the buyer to the seller. This makes it easier both to reaching an agreement satisfactory to both parties. In addition, with this formula both one and the other can participate directly in aspects that encompass the purchase of a home.

Currently, Alfa real estate has a bag of over 50,000 homes, both for sale and for rent, distributed throughout the national territory and by countries such as Portugal, Mexico or Dominican Republic, among others. You can consult the guide of franchises to have greater repertoire of franchises in Spain. News, articles, interviews with franchises, new franchises, franchise Guide, all the news in the world of the franchise you can consult it in directory of franchises.