Consider how to choose an automatic gate and examine at all what they are from what materials are made and why they do need these – automatic gate. Let's start in order with the enumerations of the gate and of course with the description of the materials of manufacture and design options gate. This article is written primarily for those who are going to put an automatic gate and did not know what the parties come to a choice, but also I hope the information will be useful for the lucky owners of automatic gates, because gates tend to wear out and eventually become obsolete. A little history of automatic gates, organized in August Hermann production of Europe's first steel doors. After the death of his son August Hermann Hermann (1912-1994), reviving a family tradition in the production of gates in the city Shaynhagen. Since 1951, the company begins producing garage doors on the new technology and design features. They were hoisting swivel gates, named after American inventor – Berry, who actually invented them. Elie Rieder is actively involved in the matter. This created a furore in the market gate, and the company Hormann, rapidly beginning to gain momentum. Hormann gates produces various types for several decades and is well deserved leader on the European market for their production. Herman gates are a kind of benchmark for quality and are not only a huge assortment, but also excellent quality products. The world famous factory, time-tested, gives full confidence in the correct choice of the gate.