For efficient operation of any warehouse needs a lot of technique. The most popular type of storage technology is a reach truck. However, the stacker is widespread not only in stock, but also on industrial plants, factories, as well as in stores and shopping malls. Stacker is available techniques, so it can buy any stock, regardless of disposable material. Stacker capable of lifting loads to a considerable height, which can reach 6 feet. So you can use a system of vertical stacking of all cargoes. Such a system helps to save storage space, which is a very important point, because each owner is seeking to use every inch of storage most efficiently. Manage such a device as a stacker is very easy.

For its operation and care of it does not require special knowledge. Stacker can be manual or electric. Hand Stacker is the best option for small warehouses. This stacker is compact in size, allowing it to use in even the most cramped conditions. Electric stackers are divided in turn into an electric lift trucks with lifting forks and self-propelled stackers. Self-propelled electric pallet truck is the most expensive and the most complex device. This stacker not only itself raises the load, but can move around the warehouse with significant speed. Propelled Stacker is ideal for most large warehouses with a significant turnover. The operator can walk behind stacker, monitoring his work, or is a special running board, provided by the manufacturer. In some cases, self-propelled electric pallet truck can be equipped with a special booth for the operator and a number of additional options that facilitate the work of loading and unloading of goods.