Legal address or location of the company is still an individual registered firm. According to Russian law, the legal address of the registered firm determines the location of the Director General or, as it is called, "the executive Authority, therefore, the location is set to determine the capacity of the registered firm, ie determines the place of performance of obligations relating to payment of taxes and duties, determines the place where the contracts; the location of the rights and obligations of registered firms. But, as experience shows, many are buying, addresses exactly where it is convenient to take an accounting, tax reporting. How to buy Legal address and what will it take To get the legal address you have to sign a lease agreement, which will reflect the conditions of cooperation. By the time you purchase a set of documents should know the exact name of the entity that will be registered on the acquiree at. Also need to know your name and passport details of the head.

What is a correspondent for the service legal address of Correspondent Services – a transmission and reception of correspondence that comes to the name and legal address of your organization. There are two types of correspondent services: No notice of arrival of mail. With the notification of the arrival of mail. Usually, all organizations have legal and actual address. And very often they do not match. In this regard, there are certain problems – government agencies will never understand, what is the actual address, and all correspondence addressed to your company sent to the registered address. If you have not signed the contract for the correspondent service, the mail that comes addressed to your organization can get lost. This can lead to highly undesirable consequences, such as you will learn about what you need in a 10-day period to provide any documents to the tax office only once in your organization has issued a penalty for late submission of documents.