So important how much to come close themselves to somebody and to start a colloquy are to keep this colloquy. For this, it learns to make open questions. The open questions are those whose answers cannot be given with an only word. Generally the open questions start with expressions as ' ' Why ' ' , ' ' What ' ' , ' ' Como' ' , ' ' Onde' '. For example, instead of asking to a person if it likes certain thing. She asks what it finds of determines thing. If you to ask to a person if it like soccer, it she goes to answer yes or not. But if you to ask what it finds on the Brazilian election of soccer, it go to say what she thinks, and papo goes to flow of course.

It understood? It prevents to make questions whose answers go to stop the colloquy and to cause that one feared silence. It always looks for to make open questions. You will see that the result will be surprising. He sees more tips in