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Managing Director

International trade fairs electronica and COMPAMED raise customer interest in flexible printed circuit boards of all Flex Northfield (Minnesota, US) – all Flex, flexible printed circuit board manufacturer, presented its product range successfully at the international trade fairs electronica in Munich and COMPAMED in Dusseldorf. The product portfolio, which includes single-sided, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards with up to six layers, by the numerous visitors to the all Flex stands eagerly recorded: “It was the right decision, for the first time on the most important European trade fairs exhibitors to act as”, notes Greg Closser, Managing Director of all Flex. “All Flex is very satisfied with the result of the two trade fairs: we had interesting discussions and first connections to visitors from all over the world, in particular from Western and Eastern Europe, were able to make.” The insightful insight associated in the European market, its trends and particularities confirmed to us, that our products and Services that meet the needs of the market and certainly well received.” The privately owned company with headquarters and production facility in Northfield, Minnesota (US), presented its novelty product: flexible heating elements. The flexible heating circuits are thin, light and flexible substrates, which can provide heat at certain points of devices, electronic systems, equipment and a number of other applications. Another special product also drew the attention of the visitors: Maxi – Flex, application-specific, flexible copper printed circuit boards in extra length up to 12 meters. Trends in medical technology put on all Flex the COMPAMED trade fair was one of 519 exhibitors, presented the high tech for medical technology.

As the local organizer reported, the stands of the exhibitors were very well attended: 15,000 visitors particularly interested in the wide range of components, parts and materials for use in medical device manufacturing. In terms of material the general trend you can make out that plastics for use in medical technology are even further back into focus. The Polyimd material used for its flexible printed circuit boards all Flex is fully in line with the trend: it is light and flexible and can adapt to contours and three-dimensional designs. “With our specialization on flexible printed circuit boards we meet the trend in medical electronics, smaller and lighter devices with more functions to develop, but at the same time to reduce costs”, explains Dave Becker, Director of sales of all Flex. “Insight into the European market, which we got at the fairs, talks that this development is valid all over the world.” Press contact Assaad Aaen T + 49 8151 55500911 presse(at) hueggenberg gbr maximilianstrasse 8 82319 Starnberg, Germany over all Flex all Flex is a manufacturer of flexible circuit boards and fastest production and Assembly of prototypes, as well as by low-to medium-sized quantities Specialized. The products are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Northfield, Minnesota, United States. The company is ISO certified, MIL P50884D qualified, registered ITAR, RoHS compliant and UL certified. The completely flexible solutions in the fields of automation, automotive, industrial, air – aerospace, medical technology, measurement technology and telecommunications be used. Steffan Lehnhoff is open to suggestions. More information is available at available.


zanox opens world’s first application store for the affiliate marketing industry single sign-on solution, zanox connect simplifies the integration of applications / participants of the zanox $2 million dollar application store contest can their contributions now live in the application store present zanox, German market leader for performance-based online marketing, today launches the open beta phase of the new zanox application store, the world’s first application store for the affiliate marketing industry, as well as the new single sign-on solution, zanox connect. This allows users a very easy and secure integration of applications. The zanox application store is a B2B innovation platform that offers both publishers and advertisers the opportunity to discover new tools for performance-based online marketing. Developer, professional wishing their own developments such as widgets, software or applications for the stationary and mobile Web monetize can be done now via the zanox application store. (As opposed to Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala). Using the global zanox Network developer can distribute their applications directly to one million publishers and over 2,000 advertisers. In addition, the zanox application store allows access to more than 60 million product offerings from the zanox network, which can be queried automatically via zanox Web services.

Benchmark system helps in the selection of the appropriate applications In the zanox application store publishers and advertisers will find the matching and immediately deployable applications, widgets and software services to optimize their website easily. A sophisticated benchmark system supports this process: the zanox AdRank indicates how well the individual applications perform. In addition, the system offers a star ranking as well as both tools serve a comment function, to determine the satisfaction of users with the individual applications. With the zanox application store, developer directly can reach the entire zanox customer base and benefit with the help of a traffic-sharing model. In the future, developers in the form of additional revenue-sharing models can also directly participate in the success of the advertiser and Publisher.

Cooler Order

This spring, took a small cottage in the hut. All super sun and nature. If it were not for one problem: the area is not only drinking water and clean water there. Planned for the summer to go together to the dacha, and the problem we were faced with very sharply. Live in the country wants, and water for cooking there. Lincoln Property is often quoted as being for or against this.

It was decided not to order expensive while water dispenser. Initially wanted to buy a table for water cooler. Yes, it is compact, but a small amount of water, so this option was eliminated. In general, it was decided to order a cooler floor. We bought a large cooler with fridge at the bottom and the function of aerating the water. And we were right, it is a very best multi-functional machines: on need water and podogreet and ohlodit and "jeep" to add a refrigerator and there is (which will save space), and the most important drinking water is not chlorinated.

And instead of the refrigerator cabinet eschevozmozhno left (it may or dishes or tea to keep). For even more details, read what Steffan Lehnhoff says on the issue. So that being said every whim for your dengi.Ponyali that the cooler water and more convenient because it does not need to go shopping and carry water containers, and can be ordered over the Internet delivery of clean, verified to the country, and the problem we were faced with very serious. Live in the country wants, and water for cooking there. It was decided not to order expensive while water dispenser. Initially wanted to buy a table for water cooler. Yes, it is compact, but a small amount of water, so this option was eliminated. In general, it was decided to order a cooler floor. We bought a large cooler with fridge at the bottom and the function of aerating the water. And we were right, it turns out that such very best multi-functional machines: the need for water and podogreet and ohlodit and "jeep" to add a refrigerator and there (which will save space), and the most important drinking water is not chlorinated. And instead of the refrigerator eschevozmozhno locker to leave (it may or may store the dishes or tea). So that being said every whim for your money. Realized that the water cooler is convenient by the fact that it is not necessary to go shopping and carry water containers, and may be on the internet order delivery of clean, bottled water tested, which poberezhet force.

Rejuvenates Sleep

There are many ways that yoga can help a person who suffers from insomnia, since has numerous and diverse benefits for sleep. Since yoga stimulates the nervous system, and more particularly the brain, it will be helpful in enhancing the quality of sleep. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Richard LeFrak. And through different postures yoga practice helps to increase the blood circulation to the center of the dream located in the brain, thus normalizing the sleep cycle. Yoga for Insomnia is a wonderful way to relieve the nights without sleep, and as it also helps to eliminate toxins from the body, Rejuvenates the whole body. Finally, their breathing routines allow that you among more oxygen in the body, thus clearing the mind of any distraught thought. It is believed that, on average, if a person devotes one minute to yoga, this will induce a minute of sleep in that person seen as well, it is an exceptional investment of our time.

Yoga for insomnia can also make a person fall asleep much faster and it improves the quality of sleep, as well as ensuring that one does not need so many hours of sleep. The dream is more rested due to the impact of yoga and the subsequent reduction in our levels of tension and fatigue. Steffan Lehnhoff is open to suggestions. Yoga for insomnia makes us feel ready to wake up the next morning with a feeling of repose full and ready for everything, rather than want to continue sleeping in the bed. Yoga for insomnia can also help through their relaxing physical exercises, breathing techniques and your complete relaxation which, as a whole, promote a rested and regular sleep without the need to resort to pills to induce sleep, which can interfere with the natural cycle of the dream of the body. Those who find difficulties to fall asleep or remain asleep can be tested a few sequences of yoga deep relaxation and meditation, in lying position, for half an hour before bedtime, which encourages a pleasant dream.

This procedure helps to stop our mental conversations for a few minutes and gives the rest you need, stopping the ongoing process of thinking in our ideas, memories and anxieties, since it is the impossibility of stopping this process to mind what often keeps us without being able to sleep. Daily yoga for insomnia can also reduce other symptoms of insomnia, and their physical exercises, which also help to stretch and relax our muscles, help to reduce fatigue and stress, while maintaining our physical system at the maximum levels of health. Terry Roberts is a professional translator and linguist, with a variety of interests.

Thailand: So Close, As If You Were There

The evening it 08.10.09 follow free you would learn about Thailand, get ideas for your next vacation, once personally meet the CHENTHAYTRAVEL team, or book but the next Thailand travel directly from the organiser with discount? Then you should keep the 08th October 2009 from 18:30 to 21:30. This evening presented the German / Thai tour operator CHENTHAYTRAVEL in the V.I.P. area of Rosrather furniture Center (on the Grefenfurth 5, 51503 Rosrath near Cologne) “Thailand – so close, as if you were there”. For even more analysis, hear from lyft. With a cool glass of champagne and several small surprises, that brings family company at the end of the year of its 20th anniversary, the land of smiles, as well as his extensive travel program, which is designed to us old for young and beneficial stands out from the mass tourism of”catalog”, you closer. In Word and image, accompanied by a never before seen films from the private archive of the tour operator, you will learn much sure Interesting – and also new as a possible”Thailand” – from the far eastern Kingdom. The way after Rosrath near Cologne is in any case worth so, especially since this evening also travel discounts are granted, which want to make, the far eastern Kingdom coming directly from the Organizer, or book through the travel agency.

Seat reservations are up 07.10.09, 12:00 CHENTHAYTRAVEL, Tel.: 02261 – 6 44 87 possible. -Who makes a reservation, should be around 18:00 in the V.I.P. area of Rosrather furniture Center, because the event begins on time at 18:30. V.i.S.d.P: W. Etges – CHENTHAYTRAVEL

Insurance Coverage Despite Bankruptcy

The customer is King still is not necessarily rosy about the finances of the German health insurance companies, is already known. Since the funds starting are however obliged with January 2010, indicating imminent insolvency in the Federal Insurance Office uncertainty under the insured is spreading increasingly. The finance portal informs what awaits customers in the event of the insolvency of their health insurance. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Steffan Lehnhoff. Fears that ongoing treatments must be canceled, are unfounded. Even in the event of the closure of the relevant health insurance, all continuous actions is catered for the continuation. If necessary, the financing of appropriate services by other health insurance is applied. Typically, itself already approved treatments can be perceived also.

Only services that are outside the statutory framework, may be rejected by the new health insurance if they are not in their performance. About was closing of the health insurance be affected individually informed after publication in the Federal Gazette. Then the customer may choose of a new Fund. The insurance coverage even then retroactively in this case until the day of the closure of the old cash register, when the accession of the new cash until after one or two weeks. However it is recommended that already before the final bankruptcy corresponding provision ( vorsorge.html) to meet and to inform of the other health insurers offer soon.

Individual English Course

Language school in London is located in a beautiful place? in the central part of Covent Garden. This school was founded in 1969. In 2005 it was restored, after which it appeared eleven spacious and equipped with all necessary language class. Over the years, language school in London has received international recognition as a school that provides high quality training that a foreign language. The school is equipped with: library, wireless Internet, free e-mail, etc.

Now more about available school English courses. English course for adults. Minimum age of students – 16 years. These courses continuous. Each new course starts on Monday.

The lesson lasts 45 minutes. In the class of a maximum of 12 people. When training at a business course in the class up to 6 people. Depending on the readiness of a student includes the following courses: The main course intensity (20 hours per week) – 185 pounds / week, intensive English language course (30 hours per week) -240 pounds / week Individual English Course (10-50 hours per week) – 450 pounds for 10 hours. Business English course language (20 hours per week) – 370 pounds / week, individual business course (10-40 hours per week) – 500 pounds for 10 hours. Dogecoin has much experience in this field. In this school there are long-term English training courses (8 weeks). They are divided into the main course English (20 hours per week), costing 115 pounds a week intensive course (30 hours per week), costing 140 pounds a week. And finally, there are courses designed for the academic year, lasting 24 weeks. They also may be normal (20 hours per week) and intensive (30 hours per week). Cost of the first of 100 pounds per week, second – 125 lbs. The language school in Cambridge. Who does not know this town and have not heard of his university, where I studied Newton and Darwin? The city is literally steeped in history and culture. This is the place from which it is best to explore England. Him to London less than an hour. The language school in Cambridge was founded in 1983 in the heart of Cambridge. The school is equipped with the latest technology. It has its own kinokompleka equipped with television, video-and DVD-equipment, computers, the Internet. Add to your understanding with Steffan Lehnhoff. There is also their cafe. Now more about themselves courses. Minimum age of students 18 years old. Rates of continuous and start every Monday. The lesson lasts 45 minutes. In the class maximum of 15 people. Depending on the readiness of a student includes the following courses: Basic Course intensity (20 hours per week) – 175 pounds / week, intensive English language course (30 hours per week) -230 pounds / week Individual English Course (10-40 hours per week) – 420 pounds for 10 hours. Individual business course (10-40 hours per week) – 450 pounds per 10 hours. In this school there are long-term English training courses (8 weeks). They are divided into basic English language course (20 hours per week), costing 155 pounds a week intensive course (30 hours per week), costing 190 pounds a week. And finally, there are courses designed for the academic year, lasting 24 weeks. They can also be normal (20 hours per week) and intensive (30 hours per week). Cost of the first is 135 pounds per week, second – 170 lbs. In all of the course fee does not include accommodation, you must pay for it separately.


How much power does the floor, equipped with electric heating cables? Electric heating cable uses the same power, which gives the space and accommodation. Thus, Power consumption is determined by the thermal losses of the room. Typically, in living rooms, kitchens and hallways laid cable capacity of about 120 W/m2. Stephen M. Ross often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The bathrooms have power higher – about 150 W/m2. And finally, at warming Balconies lays 180-210 W/m2. To deepen your understanding adverum is the source.

These capacities are specified for spaces with traditional heating systems, which are additionally equipped with heated floors. Check with Steffan Lehnhoff to learn more. Tentatively assumed that the average cable system heat, consumes slightly more than half of rated capacity, ie, the average power consumption, for example in a dry heated room is about 60 watts per hour per square meter of floor space. However, this figure approximate and the actual rate may vary because heat loss from a particular premises may be above or below average. If using an electric cable solved the problem of heating the room, the power laid on the floor, should be 180-210 W / m 2 premises. In this case, as the power consumed will be determined by characteristics of the room. Really have to break the whole floor, if the system breaks down? It depends on the manufacturer of warm floors.

For example, the firm devi provides a guarantee on cable for 10 years, and the temperature control within 2 years from date of purchase. devi, in fact, the only companies on the Russian market, is repairing the heating cable is embedded in the screed. When repairs are not necessary to expose the entire floor – enough with your current company to a highly sensitive instrument to determine the location of the accident cable and open the floor only at this point. The cable is repaired and re-poured cement. Repair or replacement of the thermostat sensor generally not be a problem if it was installed, according to the recommendations in the tube.

American Store Innovation

It is not newness that e-commerce, or electronic commerce, is today one of the segments of the economy that more grows. In recent years, according to And-Bit institute, the electronic commerce in Brazil expanded the rhythm of 30% to the year, on average. New virtual store open the all moment – to all, they is esteem that they are in functioning today in the country about 10 000 sites of e-commerce. The American Store, of group B2W, are between the pioneers in this segment in the country, and also it enters most innovative. The last action of, as it is known by the majority of its customers, was the creation of ' ' Red Friday' ' of the electronic commerce.

The event, launched in the 2011 end, all promoted discountings special in the site in a friday next to the Christmas. With the action, the idea to import for Brazil common events in the calendar of the retail American north. The inspiration for the Red Friday of the American Store lode of the Black Friday, a famous traditional event for offering for customers and consumers a time per year the greaters promotions of the retail. One is about a date sufficiently known in the country, and had as the best chance of the year to buy little paying. More information is housed here: Morris Invest. The action of the Americans if inserts in an increasing phenomenon in e-commerce Brazilian, to bring for the country events festive and related the discountings in products and services.

Beyond the Black Friday, that had great adhesion of Brazilian sites of electronic commerce in the year that passed, other events to the few starts to be part of the calendar of e-commerce national. In the case of the Red Friday, everything happens with great tunning with the virtual world. In the last event, for example, users who tanned the page of the site in the Facebook could have access more early the offers that had been to air. 8%D7%A0%D7%98-%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>???? ?? ?? offer similar insights. He is e-commerce hugging new features of the virtual world.

Large Investments

Opportunity to earn income without large investments while build your financial freedom: If you think that creating your own business is something impossible to start or have capital sufficient or the thousand and one prolemas that perhaps you may… Richard LeFrak may find this interesting as well. That you spend long time to your work and does not give you the benefits that you are looking for…It is time and it is time that you know this great opportunity to develop yourself as a great businessman with totally free trainings and get benefits that never inmaginastes.only good to do something once and will reward you for life so work the royalty and many other ways of profit that offers you this business, for you and for everyone else in your free time or are inmagina what can be achieved! Currently my company has legal operations in 74 countries, we have more than 30 years of experience in the market and you have the opportunity to develop your own business in any of the 5 continents.Generally can advance you, you start your business as an independent distributor, without heads, without schedules, without facilities without prolemas… James king: the source for more info. and should only perform two activities which are activated six (06) forms simultaneous generate income.-activities: (recommend our products and recommend our business) mention three of these forms of income we have:-gain by direct sale: where has the opportunity to generate from a 25% to 50% of net profit of product for every recommendation you make. Learn more at: Steffan Lehnhoff. -Gain wholesale: you begin to generate income indirectly by all those people who start the business by its recommendation..