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Stairs In Apartments

Stairs in the multilevel apartment – it is an important decorative detail of the interior, able to emphasize the overall style of the room and give it an original unique look. Someone selects main staircase with marble steps and strict proportions, someone will like comfortable ladder in country style with antique railings, and lovers of light contemporary designs be presented staircase made of glass, metal and plastic in the spirit of minimalism, or high-tech. Furnished our stairs in the apartment, is to carefully plan its location relative to space, since its ill-conceived arrangement is able to change the room beyond recognition, to dissonance structure of the interior, to distort its overall meaning. And yet, the staircase in a city apartment, as well as in a country house – is primarily a means of moving between levels, so it is important to stair design was not only sophisticated but also convenient, safe and reliable. Therefore, selection of materials for its production, as well as to the design and location, should be taken very carefully. And in this case, the quality of materials is critical role, since it affects the security you and your loved ones..

The Individual

The most important decision factors for closed-end funds There many ways to invest your savings in a closed-end fund investors now. Before we some of these investments closer look at, another word to the relevant decision factors: in addition to the personal preferences, which of course have an important role play, should orient themselves investors but especially at three significant points – the minimum investment amount, so how much money must invest at least in the investment, the minimum duration of the selected Fund and the expected return for the investment of the individual. Based on these factors every investor, can according to his individual life situation, find the matching funds and therefore the best investment for themselves. Real estate and container Fund: Relatively long term, for reliable straight in recent years is the investment in real estate popularity. But not always, the construction of a house or buying a condo must be. An excellent alternative offer closed-end real estate funds, which allow the investor to even when relatively low investment amounts to benefit from the strong and above all permanent asset value of real estate. Is invested in a real estate fund, which rented residential and business premises in a prime location, in large cities, for example, reliable income from rental income can be expected.

The so-called container Fund yields are similarly reliable. Here with the capital of the fund investors cargo container purchased or leased, that are then re-sold with corresponding gain in freight and logistics companies. Due to the ever-increasing demand for cargo space steady yields are possible container Fund. Investors who opt for the investment of your money in container or real estate funds, must be though over the relatively long duration of the investment form clear – this starts usually from the age of five. However, it is this perceived inflexibility”only at first glance a disadvantage: because in the longer maturities can one possible loss of initial or intermediate lulls Plant product to be compensated by longer periods of profit.


Vitiligo (also called leukoderma) affects approximately one in every 200 people and is characterized by the appearance of the skin of white patches or very pale pink surrounded by dark borders. This usually appear more frequently in the area of the face (especially around the eyes and mouth), chest (especially in the armpits and English) and on the hands. No injuries or causes itching and can affect both children and adults without regard to sex, race or ethnic group. Vitiligo occurs when cells (called melanocytes) that produce the pigment does not produce more or the cells are destroyed. It is unknown the exact cause of vitiligo.

However, it could be due to: Hereditary Factor Malfunction of the thyroid gland disorder Stress Injury Hormonal changes underlying diseases such as pernicious anemia, Addison’s disease or diabetes mellitus. However, the most accepted theory is that vitiligo is caused by autoimmune system problems when the body reacts as if melanocytes were harmful foreign agent and destroy them. It is important that the person suffering from vitiligo to understand this disease to have a realistic expectation of it. Although not a deadly disease is annoying and unpredictable. In some cases (20%) repigmentation occurs spontaneously and other remains static or is spread throughout the body, factors that give a good prognosis for repigmentation are the recent onset (less than 6 months), the affected is a young guy and that the spots are located in the facial area. As for the unfavorable factors for late onset repigmentation are in life and localization in the extremities and lips. RecomendacionesExisten several recommendations for people with vitiligo: & n bsp; Avoid stress as a trigger for the disease. & N bsp; Educate friends and relatives to overcome the idea that the disease is contagious. Because the area has no melanin pigmentation (the body’s natural protection against sunburn) they are less sensitive to sun exposure are therefore recommended to always wear a high factor sunscreen, wear long sleeves and a hat and this prevents the skin surrounding the vitiligo stain to darken more making it more visible.


Mauricio Gonzales is a graduate of Bachelor of Colegio San Carlos in Bogot in 1975. He graduated as the school business administrator in 1980 and made CESA specialization, master’s and doctorate in multiple managerial and economic studies in the U.S., Europe and Colombia. His professional background is this: was CFO of Dow Chemical for 12 years, then work at the Casa Editorial El Tiempo as Portfolio Director for 14 years and is currently the rector of the institute CESA which takes a little over a year. It has an honorable mention from Grand Order of the Mayor of Bogota in 2000.