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Innovation Award

Significantly shorter waiting times the Berlin TV Tower is awarded the new ticketing system towers (WFTG) for its ticketing system introduced in late 2008 with the innovation award of the World Federation of great. In the category “Innovation Award” the Tower came with his application at number one. “We are of course very pleased to note the price,”, says Managing Director Christina Aue and pointing out the advantages of the new system for visitors: “With the new system we could considerably shorten the waiting time and significantly improve service.” The system registers every visitor about his ticket on the turnstile at the entrance and exit. If the permitted number of visitors by 320 is achieved, the system automatically stops the access. Because each ticket has a unique number, it appears the latency of each individual visitor on big screens at the entrance. Whose latency is over 30 minutes, can take advantage of the free and unique SMS service and spend the wait outside the Tower premises. To do so it sends the Ticket number via SMS at a service point, which then back “ordered one to the TV Tower”, when the wait time is 30 minutes.

Also a VIP ticket, you determines the date and time of visit itself and has thus no latency to the ticketing system. Contact person for the press: Christina Aue, Managing Director of TV Tower Alexanderplatz gastronomy society mbH panorama str. 1A D-10178 Berlin telephone: 030.2475750 fax: 030.2425922 E-mail: Internet: the Berlin TV Tower is the tallest publicly accessible building in Europe. Every year he counts up to 1.

Rosemary Shampoo

Learn how to make shampoo can be a very rewarding experience as well prepare homemade SOAP. You can also very well caring for your hair and thus avoid using different chemical ingredients that are often questionable and are found in commercial shampoos. For example, a chemical commonly found in the store bought shampoo is sodium sulfate (SLS), which acts as a wetting agent to help that shampoo produces great amount of foam. It has also been classified as a mutagen which can damage cell DNA therefore easily breaks (SLS) and free lipids fats, leaving skin hangover and that it is you can not retain moisture. It is not difficult to make shampoo at home. Similarly, it can also help to save a little money if you make your own shampoo. Of course, you must use the ingredients of natural origin, such as distilled water, organic herbs, essential oils and Castile SOAP.

Castile SOAP is made from of sources of vegetable origin, such as olive, coconut, hemp, soy, almond or jojoba oil. The health food stores most manufactured this kind of liquid soap mixed with fresh or dried herbs. You will need some supplies and additional equipment to hand in order to make your own shampoo, these are some of them: * 8 ounces (226.8 grams) containers for shampoo. This could be a bottle of shampoo used previously, which wash very well. * A large pot (that are not aluminium). * Tempered glass bowl. * Mesh colander. * Funnel.

All herbs give different properties, so you can customize your own formula to create beauty products made in house, all according to your type of hair and color. Lavender and Rosemary are suitable for all hair types. Oily hair responds well to the Mint and lemon, whereas dry hair shampoo made with flowers Comfrey feeds. The Sage and the nettle added brightness to dark hair, while Chamomile is ideal for hair clear. If the dandruff is a problem, try to use Comfrey, bark white willow or Mint. To make shampoo at home, you must first decide between the utilizacicon of two or three herbs according to your type of hair and color. It must then be the next way: * 7 oz (198.4 g) distilled water should be boiled in a saucepan. Then remove from heat. * Add about 6 Tablespoons (88.7 ml) of herbs to the pot and cover it. Allow herb mixture sit for 30-45 minutes. * Squeeze the herbs, reserving the liquid in a glass container. Cool the liquid completely. * Add 4 Tablespoons (59,15 milliliters) of liquid Castile SOAP to a ready shampoo bottle. * Pass through funnel liquid brewing herbal shampoo and tapala bottle. Shake gently before each use. Note that to make shampoo at home, it is possible to do foam in the same degree that shampoo commercial, this is thanks it is free from chemicals. However, that does not mean that your shampoo done at House is less effective in the cleaning and conditioning. In fact, what is most likely to find hair in better condition after using homemade shampoo.

The Soul Of The Old Russia

Golden ring – journey into the lively past onion domes of the old Russian cities along the golden ring shining defies past hordes of horsemen at sunset, monastery complexes on the Volga River, masterpieces of stone and wooden architecture fascinate as well as frescoes and icons of churches and cathedrals. Expertly and with much feeling for the decisive moments leads Paradeast.com by Moscow’s old neighborhood Kitai-Gorod on the beautiful Metro stations to the red square, leaves time for your own, and then takes the traveler on a journey into the vibrant past of the golden ring. So also the charming towns are Sergiev Posad, the spiritual center of the fun Empire”, and Uglich on the Volga River, a true open-air museum full of curiosities, visited. 2010 celebrates Yaroslavl 1871 and is worth visiting not only so long. Suzdal is regarded as the best-preserved old Russian city and is completely under monumental protection. There are also the two largest monasteries in Russia. Cultural Highlights are on the agenda as specialties. Time for a stroll through small markets, a relaxing visit in the Russian bathhouse, the Banya, or also for culinary and folk encounters remains mostly with the local population.

Anyone looking for exceptional, is 2261 ../’Heiliges’_Russland with Paradeast.com on travel find it. Find more travel around the golden ring under: travel / goldener_ring_reisen.php current news is now available also on twitter.com/parade AST Paradeast.com is online specialist for the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified. Paradeast.com was founded in 2003 as an independent, specialised on the East online travel agency. On the four travel portals,, and selected explorers travel conveyed East and Oceania for Eastern Europe, the middle and far East. Currently approx. 35 cooperation partners include large well-known tour operators such as Dr. Tigges, Gebeco, ikarus tours, nicko tours, Olympic travel, Phoenix travel, as well as a wide range of specialists in the country and abroad. Paradeast.com is a member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and certified by trusted shops.

Holiday Fun In Calella, Spain

Holiday on the Spanish Costa Dorada in Calella thereby located 60 kilometres from the Catalan capital Barcelona Calella, many vacationers spend a weekend or holiday in Calella alike locals. Holiday in Calella is a great experience for the whole family. In the resort on the Costa Brava, there are lots of activities that delight the little ones, children of all ages and adults. Extensive entertainment is provided by sunbathing on boat trips, snorkeling and other water sports, volleyball and many other activities. Accommodation in Calella due to the popularity of Calella with tourists and locals, many Costa Brava hotels and other accommodations were built to give visitors of the coastal town of a holiday home. You can choose from a luxury resort directly on the beach to a small hotel or a bed and breakfast according to personal wishes. During the summer months, it is particularly advisable to book accommodation in Calella well in advance. Many tourists on the Spanish coast travel between June and October.

If you’re planning an extended stay in the region, can also opt for one of the vacation rental offers in Calella and the surrounding area. How to come due to the proximity to Barcelona after Calella, Calella is a tempting weekend getaway destination. By bus or train, you quickly reach the resort. A trip by car along the Costa Brava is a unique experience, where you can enjoy the wonderful landscape of the Catalan region up to Calella. Calella trains run every 30 minutes and take visitors comfortably in the coastal town and back to Barcelona. Who is interested in a planned excursion to the Costa Brava, can come back to the offer of travel agencies in Barcelona, offering guided programs on the Costa Brava and other destinations by bus. The Costa Brava is particularly well known for its beautiful beaches, mountains and other natural wonders.

Although many Spanish tourists exploring the region, can be found in Calella and other resorts on the Costa Brava a quiet and beautiful holiday atmosphere. Activities in Calella in addition to the wide range of leisure and sports facilities, you can in Calella visit also many festivals and celebrations, meet an interesting night life and visit many sights. To spend the day in the Dalmau Park or to stroll through the beautiful streets of Calella and to discover the fascinating architecture are just two options from a wide range of companies and activities. No holiday on the Costa Brava without tasting the local delicacies of Catalan cuisine! In the numerous restaurants, tapas bars and cafes, which offer the seafood and much more. Contact: Perfect Sun travel, SL BarcelonPoint.com Avenida de Madrid, 95-97, 3-3 08028 Barcelona – Spain Tel: + 34 933 30 78 61 E-Mail:

Barcelona Agency

The Agency Announces offers for stays in Barcelona and the Pyrenees tour packages for Skiuralube on really good terms, and up to 20% discount for all those looking for a winter holiday in the Catalan Pyrenees and Barcelona are. Barcelona?Apartment Barcelona offers 28 November 2013 – after the success of last year’s offers for the winter season, the leading online recruitment agency for vacation rentals, now customers to connect the way a city break holidays in the mountains. You spend three nights in Barcelona before more nights on the way to the popular ski resort of La Molina in the Catalan Pyrenees for four. For the season of 2013/2014 there offers starting from 36 euro per person, per night including skipass. Therefore genius? en guests a discount of up to 20%. Package deals for the winter holidays the offers include overnight stays in one of the fully-equipped ski apartments apartment Barcelona, at the Fu? of the mountain and in close proximity to the Slopes.

The apartments, which can accommodate up to nine people, are also per day to rent. For those who want to get right on the way to the mountains instead of staying in Barcelona. “Many tourists combine a stay in Barcelona with their winter holiday in the Catalan Pyrenees”, says Sandra Roig, Marketing Manager at apartment Barcelona. Therefore we want to offer the best of both worlds at a good price.” There are packages for groups of two to eight people. Also, you get free passes for the ski resort of La Molina. For the duration of the stay in the apartment, apartment Barcelona offers additional services for skiers and Snwoboarder, such as, for example, the rental of equipment, storage space for the equipment and lessons in the snow.

In addition, tourists have the opportunity to offer their own together, by choosing the number of nights spent in each destination, or the number of the guests individually, and this at a special price. Ski season in the The Catalan Pyrenees are Catalan Pyrenees from Barcelona Airport El Prat out. Therefore, these packages are popular with travellers who want to spend their holidays in top ski resorts like La Molina in Girona. Some of the best ski resorts are located only two hours drive north of Barcelona. Many winter holiday in Catalonia opt for some sightseeing in Barcelona, before they get on the road to the ski area of their choice. Apartment Barcelona offers its guests the possibility to enjoy winter holidays in the famous ski resort of La Molina. With a total of 52 pistes (16 green, 29 blue, 29 red and 12 black) and a skiable area of 61 miles from La Molina is a place for all fans of winter sports, whether beginner or advanced. Other activities in La Molina include snowshoeing, sledding and snowmobiles. About apartment Barcelona Apartment Barcelona is an online recruitment agency for homes with more than 1000 apartments in Barcelona for short term and long term stays, as well as for flats to the Purchase. The Agency is recommended by TripAdvisor and offers one large? s selection of vacation homes, luxury apartments or studios to apartments on the beach or apartments near the Ramblas in Barcelona.

Apartment For Rent For Students And Applicants

Each summer, after visiting the city of Barnaul is greatly increased. This phenomenon occurs not only because of the people who are sent here on business trips, but because young people who seek to enroll in universities and gathers from other regions and localities. For young people posutochnyh rent apartments – a real chance to get fully available and inexpensive place to stay for a short time with all amenities. Most often, students from the hostel of the university, but usually occupy only after having confirmed receipt. Applicants who only serve the necessary documents and take challenging exams, for this period have seek shelter on their own. Not every entrant can afford accommodation in a modern hotel.

It is for them would be an ideal outlet to use services of apartment rent in Barnaul. Rent apartments rent affordable way to solving the housing problem, moreover, provides a wide range of different options. Everyone can choose the most convenient it is for it to size, location and availability of amenities. Get an apartment to rent in Barnaul is very simple. It is possible to design in advance booking or on site, after the arrival in town. However, when renting an apartment directly in Barnaul, high chance to get in trouble because of dishonest behavior lessors.

Most apartments are handing directly to the station, is well aware of a lack of visitors and inflate the price of 'title =' rent Apartments in Barnaul '> Apartments for rent in Barnaul in two, and often more than once. The same thing will happen if the address on the removal of ads, pasted on the news boards or lampposts. To avoid such unpleasant situations, it is best to communicate directly with the professionals involved in providing services for delivery of apartments for rent. Many assume that prices in the agency who have years of experience and sufficiently well-known name, a website with an established work on the Internet, there are much higher than the old ladies at the station. However, in reality things are quite different, and curtained prices are exactly at the station, but not in professional firm. The Agency is stable prices that are fixed for certain apartments, and they can always be viewed in the online site.

Rent Apartments

Also, do not interfere with advance purchase tickets there and back. All further steps depend on what you going to do on arrival. You can certainly order a guided tour, and it is possible that not menie interesting to walk around town alone, with map in hand, using which you will surely go astray and then have to ask for directions from passers-by, but it certainly is part of an independent trip. Rejecting the tour – you will see the city through the eyes of tourists do not – but as it actually is, but it is provided that you have desire to walk is not only a center but also go to the periphery, where, as a rule tourists do not go. To explore the city can be closer if there is free time, which will enable linger there longer than one day. The extra time will allow you to relax and the next day, without losing time and energy on the road to continue exploration of the city.

Only if you want to stay – then take such a decision would need to start a trip, of course, if the the very beginning you're not going to spend the night at the station. When the station as a villain overnight – you need to take care about the place overnight, or at risk, though, spend the night on vokzale.Rassmotret options and choose the best – help online. Today, virtually every more or less big city, there are sites where you can find information about local hotels and apartment rentals. The advantages Rent Apartments are – low price, which, unlike the hotel does not depend on the number of residents (actually, if you are not eating alone), and the additional opportunity to feel not a tourist, but just a guest at which is able to see the sights as well as its shortcomings, which, no doubt, there is even the most beautiful cities. Material courtesy of Tourism!