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Property Foreclosures

Since the time of the decision of the foreclosure of the mortgaged property not perform the imperative-discretionary regulations established by Part 2 of Art. 40 of the Law of Ukraine "On Mortgage" and Part 3. 109 LCD Ukraine on eviction of tenants by the court of the house or apartment premises for which treatment is carried out as the mortgaged property, such claims at this stage can not be satisfied, because currently there are no violations or non-recognition of the rights and challenging Freedoms mortgagee or the new owner regarding the release of these premises to residents in understanding the requirements of Art. 3 Code of Civil Procedure of Ukraine concerning the individual's right to appeal to the courts for protection. Price subject mortgage is set in the contract. If in a case of this assessment agree that the court had no reason it does not take into account, since it is a condition of contract. If the parties arises dispute regarding the assessment, depending on which side its challenges, it must on the contents of Part 3. 10 CPC of Ukraine to bring another of its size, in particular the application for the appointment and conduct appropriate forensics.

Encumbrance of movable property is registered in the State Register in the manner prescribed by this Law (Article 11). The plaintiff, who goes to court to pay penalty for security burden, shall, before the filing of appropriate action in the court to notify in writing all burdensome, for whom established registered encumbrance of the same movable property to start judicial proceedings in the case of foreclosure on the security burdens (v. 25). However, to challenge credit agreements or agreements of guarantee the other spouse, courts should consider following. The provisions of Art.

65 UK Ukraine on the order of disposition of property, which is the object of joint ownership of spouses, regulate the relations regarding the disposition of property, namely, located in the common property of spouses, and do not relate to the rights of one spouse to obtain a loan because the loan agreement is a transaction to obtain the ownership of money and does not create responsibilities to the other spouse, but only to the borrower, as part of the contract (part 1 of article. 1054 Civil Code of Ukraine). Concerning a contract of guarantee, according to Article 553 CC of Ukraine, assigned to the guarantor to the creditor of the debtor for with his or her duties. The guarantor is responsible to the creditor for breach of an obligation by the debtor. Thus, the guarantee is a way to ensure the fulfillment of an obligation (usually money) and not deal on disposal of property, due to the surety, guarantee agreement does not create a duty for all persons other than parties to the contract, and therefore data for legal norms of Art. 65 UK Ukraine does not apply. It is not a disposal of the property of the spouses and the contract of pledge (mortgage). Information provided by the lawyer and the lawyer

Accommodation In London

If you're going to learn English, and realized that the best way of teaching foreign languages directly into the country in which it originated, then an important factor worthy of study will be comfortable rates. After all, in order to rapidly assimilate the program as thoroughly as possible to explore the cultural values of the country, to have time to see everything and not feel tired, and have fun and maximum benefit, need to have bath or apartments (depending on your requirements for housing) where you can relax, think about what he saw and heard, to build on material covered. Try to come to a choice of housing very seriously. Of course, this choice will depend on many factors: 1. From the age of the learner (if it is a child of 8 to 15 years, then of course it is best not to leave it unattended and determine to live in a family where the children will be kept under care for them will be looked after. Those who are older than the family can stay in a dormitory, a private apartment or hotel. 2. Of temperament (some fine feeling all alone, and some are not seconds can not live without the company).

3. From the elementary requirements for housing (someone for normal work and rest enough beds in the corner and a desk with a lamp nearby, and someone does not survive a second without luxury apartments). I can assure you that the accommodation in London there is any taste at any price.


Also enough cases where data simply refrigerators are not included in the doorway and all questions about the delivery (removal door delivery, climbing stairs without packing on the spacing of the apartment) should specify in the store when shopping. 2. Second criterion privybore refrigerator – a system for cooling the refrigerator. They can be divided into two static and No Frost. Static system. Cooling inside the refrigerator chamber occurs due to evaporation, for the arrangement of the rear wall of the chamber. As a result, the temperature in the refrigerator is lowered and the rear wall forms a frost (it's the moisture that is condensed and kristalizavalas in the cooling process).

During pauses in the compressor wall thaws, and the condensate flows down the drainage system in a container mounted on the compressor and evaporates from the natural way – this process is called automatic defrost. In the static cooling You can also select and dynamic. With such a cooling system at the top of the refrigerator is installed a fan that evenly distributes the air in the refrigeration compartment and allows for more rapid and uniform cooling at all levels. No Frost. Fundamentally different cooling system is No Frost. According to the principle of it as similar as possible with air conditioning. The camera has already served the refrigerator cold dry air, the spirit (humidity 20-40%), in consequence of which is not the freezing of ice and frost. The main drawback No Frost is the need to store food in containers because as a result of the system is drying products.

Spatial Illusion

There are many methods of adjusting the space. We have grouped them according to purpose, depending on how much effect you want to achieve: to increase the ceiling height, room to expand, or vice versa – to reduce the flat. Many of us live in small (let's call them compact) apartments, and dreams of a better, that is, the larger space. If you have no immediate plan to move into a new spacious apartment, and the scope exists for you (your family) is narrow, it's time to take a "repair by the rules." There are several effective ways to expand the apartment, which do not require redevelopment. Adjust the space allows the color and texture of the main elements interior lighting, mirrors and glass surfaces, ornament, the direction of the lines. Converting apartments should start with cleaning up: fewer parts (vases, piggy banks ridiculous, candlesticks, frames, photographs, figurines and the like) in a room so spacious than it seems.

This means that there is a great excuse to get rid of all that many years kopilos on the shelves, but has not been used for other purposes. This also applies to furniture – for a small apartment would be the best style of "minimalism", so popular in the West. No need to clutter the room, leaving only the most necessary, if possible, use the built-in and transforming furniture, thanks to which free space will be more. Choose a sofa with low back and chairs with open handles, which reflect light.