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Coatings For Interior

Decorative plaster – a wall covering a relatively rarely used in today's homes. Nevertheless, it is – a great way to make the room look stylish and also beautiful. Most often, plaster used for hallways, closets, bathrooms rooms, but can also be used in living rooms. Educate yourself with thoughts from John Savignano. There are few species of this type of finish. Advantages of plaster: – An interesting look and popularity. In Indeed, in comparison with other materials, decorative plaster is much more expensive, therefore application of this type of decoration in the apartment immediately notify the serious status and financial capabilities of the hosts. – Ease of maintenance.

Plaster can be cleaned with a cloth dampened with water, she is strong and resistant to various violations. Disadvantages plaster: – The high cost. – Need carefully to approach the problem of selecting performers. To date, a small number of organizations offering assistance in establishing such a plaster, well, qualitatively, it can make even smaller organizations. Also interesting type of coating for the interior is the carpet. Carpet may close the whole room, as he usually is completed ornament. Advantages: – Carpets looks very interesting and 'expensive'.

Also, this option is traditsilonnym in our state: our ancestors tried as much as possible unoccupied spaces of the walls and floor carpeted close, it was a symbol of wealth. This attitude towards the presence of carpets in the rooms preserved and now. – Conservation of heat. It is not everyone is capable of allow himself 'underfloor' in connection with this issue of warming floors can be Solomonic solution. In addition, carpet dampens sound. – Recovery from domestic injuries. Carpet eliminates the possibility that parents or your kids play too long slip and fall. – Fortress. Carpets – resistant and, therefore, quite easy to use material. Modern flooring impregnated with a certain compound, not allowing dirt prosachivatyas deep into the center of the fibers – in the end to remove any dirt quite easily. Cons: – The need for a certain resignation. First of all – you need to constantly carry out cleaning. The coating can be first 'dust bag' in the house, resulting in the air all the time will be available in the particle pile of dust, while households may appear an allergic reaction. In this regard, it is often necessary to take up the vacuum cleaner. – The complexity of installation. Laying carpet – not an easy task. Necessary to ensure that carpeting everywhere was evenly tensioned (otherwise you may have folds, that strongly spoil the look of the house) and a well-secured (in poorly nailed site can trip over).

Wooden Staircase In The House

Wooden stairs in the house tree – a traditional material that has a long history as a raw material for the manufacture of a wide variety of ladders. The main purpose of this design – to bind the premises, which are in different levels of the building so that the ascent and descent were comfortable and safe. Nowadays you can offer a wide range of staircases in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials production. What factors to consider when making wooden ladders? For manufacturing high-quality, high strength and durable ladder to a high-quality raw materials. The best option here is hardwood. Undisputed front-runner in this area is oak, which has a special strength, durability, resistance to abrasion, impact and water, etc. With proper care your oak staircase century will maintain their performance. One of the advantages of this material in universality.

Oak texture goes well with parquet floors and doors of the same material, and innovative ways of processing to cover the wood paints, patina, and in some cases, even gold, creating an exclusive interior and distinctive style. The choice of design Deciding to install a wooden staircase, one of the essential issues will be the choice design. Professor Rita McGrath usually is spot on. Straight or spiral, but perhaps the console? Modern manufacturers offer a great choice, but it all depends on the amount of space, convenience of location, individual needs owners. This problem at the design stage, decide to specialists. The classic solution is to stairway, but its installation is not appropriate in all rooms. Undoubtedly, the helical structure – very stylish and aesthetic decision which is important for small spaces, but it is traumatic, difficult descent of the elderly and children.

Where to place the ladder? The vast majority of ladder structures installed in the lobby and connects the first floor and second. In the design of these structures must account for several of rules. First of all, the ladder should occupy a minimum of storage space, and the stage, at least the first 2-3, must be addressed toward the door. On what can you save? Of course, installing an oak staircase – not the most economical solution, and many consumers, after calculating the cost, trying to find ways to reduce costs. Remember importantly, what is not worth saving – it's raw. Wood – not metal and not plastic, it will make itself felt creak, cracks, cracked steps and the complete failure of a few years. The only solution to this case – the order of the standard model. Typical stair design, in terms of operation, no worse than exclusive, have the reliability, aesthetic appeal. Installation of lighting should be remembered that the ladder is Depending on the design – traumatic element of the premises and requires the organization of additional lighting. Depending on the amount of living space you can do one or more lamps on the walls, chandeliers, lamps. Common variant in the modern interior – lighting levels, however, this problem must be solved at the design stage.

Fashionable Design

Kitchen – a place where we spend a large portion of time. It's not just a place where cooking is carried out. The apartments, small houses – it is also a dining room. But behind closed doors, kitchens, a cup of hot coffee discuss the most pressing issues and maintained sentimental conversation. Therefore, setting the kitchen, her furniture, the location of objects should help to maintain comfort, comfort – it is on one side.

And on the other – all in the kitchen should be as efficiently, conveniently, in order to take full advantage this room could carry its functional load, and at the same time be safe. Always nice to be a designer of his own apartments, houses, and cuisine, including. But without some knowledge of it will be difficult. After all, a good kitchen should be spacious, or at least appear so (for small rooms), its layout should satisfy the most ergonomically properties, kitchen furniture should be integrated into the interior and to emphasize his individuality. In this section you'll find advice of professional designers, who will explain how to choose the right furniture for kitchen your style, how to pick colors, what material is best to make out a room, table tops, how to choose the coverage.

Here you'll find plenty of tips and advice for the care of the kitchen furniture and kitchen accessories. We will teach yourself to design the kitchen, making it a stylish show all possible combinations of different elements. The kitchen is also one of the most dangerous places in the apartment – high electro-temperature, open flames, gas appliances, sharp and cutting objects, harmful emissions when preparing food – all of which may have serious damage to health by neglecting safety rules or improperly installed equipment.

Construction Of Small Hallway

When you create the interiors of apartments are usually attention deprive the hallway. Her every now and then reduce or combine with other spaces, subject the simple unobtrusive furniture. While even a small entrance hall can be made comfortable and beautiful. With that, the hall is usually the guests a first impression of the apartment, it is usually a close, narrow, with no natural light, with plenty of doorways. Therefore, first of all, good lighting already at the threshold will be set up to relax and open communication with home. Thus, creating a hallway design pay attention to the bright lights. With proper selection and placement of lights a small room may seem more spacious.

If your hallway a low ceiling, you can hang lights with light directed upward. Very versatile and best combination of general ceiling lighting with a few spotlights. Particularly useful wall lamps with movable heads, which, thanks to the adjustable angle of rotation allows you to direct light rays in the right part of the interior. This solution is particularly well for multi-room apartment where the other premises "originate" from the hallway of geometrically complex shapes. Here you can resort to the light zoning and directional lights mark the entrance to each room. In addition to general lighting, try to add local, that is so necessary to illuminate the mirror zone. The reflection was clearly visible, the light should be directed uniformly to the surface without creating glare and shadows. Better just hang lights on both sides of the mirror – at about the level of the head.