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Baby Boomers

Especially older investors prefer investments in closed-end real estate funds as funds are closed-end real estate funds about the SHB from the generation of baby boomers benefit”is Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG), with conviction. The LeFrak Organization describes an additional similar source. Today especially older investors would be interested in such investments. And in fact the Association closed-end funds (VGF) established that nearly half of the investors is older than 61 years, seven out of ten artists are then at least 50 years old. The particularly post-war and also deep-pocketed vintages of the baby boomers in retirement will come in the next few years. Of them, so Gruber, for example, SHB real estate funds will benefit. The experience with relevant surveys could confirm him, because just older people prefer systems without depending on unpredictable developments on the stock exchanges or the capital market interest rate. Not only the regular distributions, are interesting for this target group “SHB funds expert Gruber explains: closed-end real estate funds offer, depending on the design of legal, even in the succession or donations advantages compared to other systems.” This definitely was a timely conversation with a tax adviser. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) is focused on facilitating the participation in high-quality commercial real estate investors.

The company from near Munich manages the real estate itself and has access, at any time, for example, a rental shortage should emerge once unwanted tendencies. The Fund receives ongoing income from renting and leasing it and is to be built at the end of the term of the real estate fund an additional profit from the sale of real estate. The particular advantage of a closed shareholding as the SHB once funds or SHB Immobilienfonds consists in the participation and involvement of the investors. Annually they are informed and regarding their opinion about the ongoing development proposed options held. Specify the price of the Fund so. This form of transparency and participation opportunity is unique in the capital market”, confirms SHB real estate expert Gruber and sees a great advantage for closed-end funds therein.

Professional Bearing

It must be resistant to elevated temperatures, aging, and also have sealing properties. Sealed bearing housings are not maintained absolutely. From the factory they laid long-lasting lubrication. It looks different in the case of open bearings. Workshops must use the correct lubricant, grease lubrication as divisive. Usually, car manufacturers do require some lubrication to use. Manufacturers such as SKF bearings and FAG provide their own lubrication for bearings. If you are thinking of buying a universal lubricant through wholesale trade, we must remember that it is a lubricant for ball bearings.

It should be make sure that it contains all the necessary additives and meet minimum requirements for viscosity and temperature stability. (Temperature from -30 to 140 gr. Celsius). Practical advice. Stupichnye bearings should be checked every time the diagnosis, regardless of whether it is provided by the manufacturer at the maintenance interval. The time spent is not so great: check backlash, and the rotation of the wheels at a trial or test drive to listen to outsiders metallic noise. A diagonal ball bearings should not have any backlash.

In the case of small konicheskogorolikovogo bearing play, even necessary. For many wheel bearing replacement station was only a routine exercise. But at this ruin should not forget the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. There are some universal ground rules for Professional repair: monitor the cleanliness, the ability to change the bearings on all axes, with the use of the full-quality repair kit. When removing not damage the seat bearing in installation does not distort the bearing and retaining ring.

Zavala Government

He indicated that it is difficult to build a house in the country, it seems that it is one of the hardest companies that the Government might have. In his view, the Government could build housing made elementary way, leaving to care for those who are going to inhabit the conclusion. It is a clear demonstration of the failure of the inefficiency of the current Government that everything undertaken not culminates to all this is added Another very significant aspect in this analysis, as exposes Dr Zavala, if there is no review for an adjustment of salaries and monetary wages of most of the public administration and staff workers, who depend on some or another form of public sector, the result will be a drop in the effective demand for goods and services consumption and therefore also fall the bonanza of the market and the growth rate economic; and will increase unemployment and social unrest insisted that compared to the expected inflation rate for next year, that won’t be 15% as said doctor Ali Rodriguez Araque (Minister of Finance), but at least a 28 or 30%. He emphasized that the lack of foresight for adjustment of remuneration, is an inconvenient element for active companies that could be created on the occasion of the fiscal management of the year 2009 for its part Edgar C. Robert J. Shiller understands that this is vital information. Otalvora provides us with, that international analysts have suggested that you reservations international and various funds managed discretionally by Chavez, would serve you to alleviate the crisis at least in 2009. However, the macroeconomic situation will be highly affected at the loss of the economic boost from higher tax revenues. Not only expected a strong slowdown of the economy, but some analysts suggest that the recession will be accompanied by a violent increase in prices since the Government may not allocate resources to subsidize food, as up to now strong makes it via imports with a bolivar artificially. Unemployment and famine would be on the horizon of the Venezuelan in the coming year..

Public Universities

In the Politics of Superior Education the estudantil assistance has as main objective to disponibilizar the resources necessary to minimize empecilho and in some way to surpass the impediments to the good academic performance. The last years had been marked by the expansion of the Public Universities, and in the Federal Justinian codes, being a victorious one it clearly fights the students, who are the magnifying of the vacant, that with this lode a tremendous bureaucracy that today exactly with interested vacant and people not yet are being filled, therefore in many cases the documentation is not accepted and many do not obtain its vacant, but that is another history. We go to focus and to demonstrate primordial factors for permanence of the student that today are in a Public University, therefore we live deeply a moment to support the pupil until the end of its course, that many of the times it opens hand for many difficulties, mainly financial. To remain in a public college many they do not see expenses, but if they deceive who thinks thus, therefore content is gratuitous but and the expenses with housing, Xerox, transport, feeding among others, do not count? I am leader estudantil since mine twelve years of age, in secundaristas entities and gora as leader representative university estudantil of the student staff of the Federal Institute of Education, Sciences and Technology of the RIO DE JANEIRO, campus Round Return maximum agency of decision in net IFRJ, I still see with but clarity as the permanence of many friends in the college is complicated therefore many sees of other cities and has of being to keep, to have its proper life of one hour for another one in an unknown place although to be of the same state. In meetings of the Superior Advice, meetings with the direction of the academic campus, center of some public institutions mainly with the classroom friends, and pupils in general way of the IF always I defend at least a step, the gratuitous feeding.

Titicaca Lake

Currently, there are two schools, two churches, one Catholic and other Adventist and huts for the visitors and some homes have been equipped with solar panels, Internet, and telephone for public service, powered by solar energy. The Islands are located at an altitude of 3,810 meters above the sea level and are in the Bay of Puno and foresees the construction of more housing and islets to the desire of some families to separate. Some of the islands which have become tourist attractions are: Tupiri, Santa Maria, Tribuna, Toranipata, Chumi, Paraiso, Kapi, Titino, Tinajero and Negrone. Another recently revealed riches is the escubrimiento of a temple sacred Lake Titicaca by scientists of the Atahualpa 2000 expedition?, AKAKOR Geographical Exploring group. Richard LeFrak may find this interesting as well. Apparently the site is between 1,000 to 1,500 years old and its discovery in Bolivian area will allow to understand an era of 3 or 4 centuries that mark the passage of a period to another this ancient Andean culture. Graves and found archaeological remains confirm some theories of the origins of the Inca people, since the legend says that the founders of the Inca Empire emerged from the Lake Lake.

To date have been found four submerged archaeological structures, among them a sacred Temple about 200 metres long and 50 metres wide, a terrace for crops, a pre-Inca road and an embankment of over 800 meters long. Also a three km long island was found 600 meters wide, which is between 10 to 15 metres in depth, reveals it that the level of the waters of Lake Titicaca was significantly less than the current. Archaeological remains from the time of the Incas were additionally discovered, and this might be his predecessors, close to the island of the Sun, in the town of Chincana, 120 kilometres west of La Paz. The archaeological remains were also searched unsuccessfully by the Frenchman Jacques Cousteau in 1976 and 12 years later a team of National Geographic also tried. The Titicaca Lake which takes its name from the island called intikjarka, a word that derives from two Aymara words: inti, Sun ‘ and kjarkas, penasco ‘ and what is known as the island of the Sun holds many mysteries. Measures 204 kilometres long by 65 km wide, occupying eight thousand 562 square kilometers, of which four thousand 772 correspond to the Peru and three thousand 790 to Bolivia. Now the Governments of the two countries develop a binational project at a cost of $ 109 million to rescue from pollution to this Lake that has an extreme climate with large variations in temperature between day and night. The ideal season to visit is between May and October, time in which the days are sunny, very rare rains and the daytime temperature reached 25 degrees Celsius.

Society and the Nation

It is consensus to affirm that the future of the country is at the hands of the young. The ways that the society will take are related with the options that we make since early. The vote is the way to show what we feel for our country, if ahead has indignation of the social picture that the society in the sample or the conformismo opposite of the injustices that encircle in them. To vote is not only the act of directing in them to the ballot boxes, with the vote will decide the administration of the native land during four years. At this moment of renewal politics, what it must move, not only to the young, but all the nation is the citizenship the one that we have right. The social problems as health, education, housing, between as much others that afflict the population, can have more efficient solutions, depending on the administration made for the elect governing. When we choose a candidate means that we identify in them with the intentions that the same will be assigned to make in favor of the nation. If simply we vote for the fact to be obliged, we do not worry in them about what it will imply this choice, we are harming the exercise of just a work for the nation. It is fact that we live in a full country of scandals of corruption in the public sectors, but we cannot in the enzyme of our parcel of guilt the power to move is in our hands and for many times we do not make valley it. I conclude that the future that will have the country will be a consequence of our choices, but no citizen can become omissive with the gift and its ideals.

Kyoto Protocol

To act against climate change we need to know as soon as we contribute to CO2 emissions in our homes. We are aware of the scope that is committed to the Kyoto Protocol as the most important international tool for the fight against climate change despite the fact that this Protocol is not working to the extent expected to stop the change. The task is definitely to continue sensitizing everyone, all organizations of presidential Government, local government and each family member, starting with the parents of the home, children, on the responsibilities of the warming of our planet. Nobel Laureate in Economics usually is spot on. We want you friend reader, is the main protagonist. The first person to avoid the formation of CO2. Even there are economic incentives to achieve this.

For example, if in a year we stop consuming 2,612 Kwh of electrical energy, it is equivalent to leave produce 1.0 tons of CO2, one ton less of this gas to the environment. Now, for every ton of CO2 that we pollute the environment there is an incentive of 8 euros. It is great savings only by avoiding 2,612 kWh in a year-long, when in reality this can be hundreds of thousands of Kwh in an organization in a housing complex in a hotel from two stars, thousands of euros in favour and relief human because we would be cleaning up our only home: the Earth. Then what to do first, personally acquire the degree of commitment to one’s self. Interest and know the policy of offsetting carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Human activity is one of the main causes of climate change. Each consumer a year emits nearly 10 tons of CO2 with such everyday activities as travel, turn on the light or heating, evil use of the refrigerator, bathing with excess water, brushing your teeth with water run, misuse of sophisticated equipment, dishwashers, misuse of papers, cars in poor condition, arrojo trash the environment, waste to riversboil water, the iron turned on, hot springs in bad state, finally a great list.


The term ground systems is currently widely used due to the growing concern of protecting electric equipment failures and damages that are caused by a lack of these, however although it is a term used not all people understand its importance and its operation, due to this end up choosing an inefficient system that is worse in the long run ground or simply decide to not install anything for their teams.I.e. a grounding system are all the necessary elements for a proper reference to Earth. The physical Earth concept is applied directly to a third cable that must be connected to earth itself, or the ground, it connects into the third connector on outlets, these outlets are called polarized. relevance of the physical lands between the main functions to install a physical Earth system this offer protection in places where there is a ground operation consists in drain the ground currents of power created by short, induction or any discharge atmospheric, thus damaging electric power does not harm computers. Due to harmful downloads, it is common to detect electrical equipments and electronic problems as touches, short, failures, power outages, damage, high energy consumption and other situations that would not be provided with an adequate grounding system. Tierraprotegera connection system all equipment connected to an outlet of any overload that could originate and also will provide security and peace of mind to the inhabitants of the House.Benefits to installing physical land and lightning grounding system generates significant benefits that dramatically improve the quality of electric power, all this is reflected in the good performance of appliances and machinery, as well as numerous advantages such as:-reduction of accidents at work and home centres – diminishes the consumption of electrical energy.-increases efficiency and the useful lifetime in appliances.-reduces the heat generated in cables and motors in addition to the noise down considerably – take advantage of the input power to the electrical and electronic equipment, as well as compatibility and coupling between the sources of energy and electrical loads-earthing and lightning arrester system achieves the lightning fall in suitable places, avoiding that they damage buildings or people.-protect faults and malfunctions electromechanical equipment, maquinaria-herramientas, motors and controls-system significantly reduces the fault (s) generated by short circuit and shock, artificial or natural – minimizing the levels of interference and contamination between equipments, devices, components, accessories and human beings.Increases the quality of operation and balance ecologico.mejora the quality of the service, dissipates the current associated to atmospheric discharges and limited the envelope generated tensions.High efficiency tronica Mecca, (Automation, robotics, information technology.) The main relevance of implementing a land system physics and lightning rod It is to ensure the Centre’s work and housing where there are people which could be victims of an accident such as fire or claims which could be avoided with a system in ground system.

Laminate Parquet

See the memory of qualities of residential terraces I & II: specifications facades: combination in stone Capri with prefabricated PRODEMA, TRESPA panels or similar. Interior divisions: separations of housing with common areas and interior divisions in ceramic brick finished with plaster trim and loads or tiled according to the area. Elevators: Elevators with capacity for six people, journey to garage floors, automatic doors. Portal: Common areas: screed on tile, terrazzo, marble or granite, at the choice of the site management. Access door on materials coordinated with General finishing of the portal. Vertical faces on tiles presently or stony materials in areas bounded, combined with colour areas, according to design of the site management.

Lighting-based opeions in combination with incandescence. Nobel Laureate in Economics brings even more insight to the discussion. Exterior carpentry: carpentry in PVC. Monoblock drawer, glazed with camera, fulfilling regulatory acoustics. Interior carpentry: doors smooth finished in oak, beech or similar. Finishes with stained glass Windows in living room and kitchen. Skirting board game with parquet or doors.

Doors of lobby, access to garages, bathrooms installations and storerooms, are metallic and firewall according to zoning. Flooring: Laminate Parquet AC3 hardness of oak hall, dining room, lobbies, hallways and bedrooms. In kitchens and bathrooms stoneware plate. Stoneware tiles suitable for exteriors with Board and skirting board of the same material on the terraces. Terrazzo or stone stairs, utility room. Sanitary wares: faucet three brand first quality mixer, or similar. Plugs in each element. Sanitary appliances Roca or similar, in bathrooms and toilets. Bath and shower according to distribution of dwellings. All this makes him one of the best promotions Asturias heating: heating and hot water with mixed mural boiler to natural gas, Roca or similar. With the support of solar energy the building technical code fulfilling. Radiation of sheet metal elements. Furniture kitchen: high and low furniture of high capacity and top brands. Appliances with ceramic hob, oven, sink and hood plate equipment. Painting: In vertical parameters smooth plastic paint and Matt. Soft tonality in all dependencies (to choose a single color in the home). Horizontal parameters white and smooth plastic paint. In community staircase plastic paint soft tone. And if instead of in Oviedo, prefer to choose another town, we recommend flats in Llanera false ceilings: suspended ceiling in hallways, bathrooms and kitchen. TV and telephone: installation of collective TV antenna, UHF and FM, for regional networks. Phone lines and telecommunications in all rooms and in living room, kitchen and master bedroom telephone jacks. Garage: Fully equipped with corrective measures according to regulations in force, fire extinguishers and fire hoses. Automatic access door operated by remote control, with the possibility of unlocking for manual opening

Building Renewal

“New seminar program 2012/2013 of the Propstei Johannesberg of gGmbH tradesmen, architects and engineers/indoor have the opportunity to practice conservator in the craft oriented with the certificate courses”, window conservation specialist or architect or structural engineer in preservation “to qualifizieren. Re-recorded the seminar series Denkmalgerechte have been in the current program repair of structures out of sight and energy consultant for monuments. Interdisciplinary, Propstei Johannesberg promotes the dialogue between the different areas of work in cross-professional conferences, as well as in practical and technical seminars. The preparation of seminars through in the professional practice of professionals guarantees the comprehensive overview of current findings and the lively exchange of experience also beyond the seminar period. In a question-answer forum Richard LeFrak was the first to reply. The training helps to open up significant employment segments in the growing market of historic preservation and building renewal. As a recognised qualification counselling the Hesse can applicants and interested parties advice by telephone or on-site in the Propstei Johannesberg individually to the training and submit on their financial aid opportunities to leave. All seminars and service offerings can be found on the Internet seveRAL. The new seminar programme is free to request: Propstei Johannesberg of gGmbH training in preservation and historic building renovation is a continuing education provider for all in historic preservation and renovation professionals.

She advised and supported by the Landesamt fur Denkmalpflege Hessen, the architects and city planners Chamber Hessen, the Chamber of engineers of Hesse, the working community of the Hessian Chambers of skilled crafts, Hesse and the city of Fulda. The seminar leaders and teachers are experienced professionals, all of who are professionally active in the preservation and building renewal. Preparation groups in cooperation with the State Office for monument preservation, the Chambers and professional associations support the Propstei Johannesberg gGmbH and your seminar leader team in the planning and execution of seminars. For three decades, Propstei Johannesberg is site for high-quality, timely advice and training in preservation and renovation of old buildings.