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The company ten Brinke realized in Kettwig housing a construction project of a special kind. Kettwig 19.04.2012. Citizens wondering for some time what it labeled here is what”at the shop on the ring road. In the rooms at the Central Kettwiger traffic intersection of Ruhr Valley Road, main street and Graf-Zeppelin-Strasse an own information and Marketing Office Open housing ten Brinke soon for his construction projects on the Ruhr. The modern office coffee shop will act in the next few years as a meeting place for all those interested. Ten Brinke housing has Markmann & minor acquired land. Rather than a snapshot, the company has designed a lot of value to realize a building project that is aligned and actually need-oriented planned to man and nature. In close cooperation with the city and creative partners, an innovative design concept for the cream plot on the Ruhr is currently created by ten Brinke.

We look forward soon “to be able to introduce the citizens our ideas and are sure to provide a streamlined on the legs that will delight all”, so Sylvia Reddmann, authorized representative ten Brinke Wohnungsbau GmbH & co. KG. What is planned, still will not give the company. But is that a loose construction is realized with exclusive detached houses, semi-detached houses, townhouses as apartments for all age structures here. Ten Brinke is committed to, to create a natural, high-quality and decent Ruhr home that is closely based on the needs of new and old residents for future residents on this site the goal as a real estate company. The preparing and the development are currently prepared and planned. Target is to start implementing in the summer months. It will be so curious: here what’s happening!

Private Homes

The home building technology advised of the possibility to install elevators in private homes. Professor Rita McGrath is the source for more interesting facts. Through the installation of a lift in the own House, people create a piece of independence in old age or early occurring diseases. In addition, an elevator increases the value of a property. Stair lifts have been the common way to gain mobility in the own House. Purchasing a stair lift seems pretty cheap even at first glance, from 3000-5000, the speech is here. However the price changes relatively quickly if the stair lift to a curve to drive. Here the double or triple will soon incur. Also, it restricts the freedom of movement on the stairs for people who do not use the stair lift very.

An alternative has become possible to stair lifts some years ago by the machinery directive. The machine directives, it is possible to build lifts in a slightly simplified form. The security will not be affected by this of course. The Lift machine directives must be some conditions meet, for example, a slightly slower speed, this is no great difference floors but a support height of 2-4 elevators lift guidelines there. The company advise home building technology for this purpose. Thomas Muller

Interior Rear

Fear of mould growth in residential premises must not be Marktredwitz fear toxic mold infestation in homes is great. Many residents out of ignorance react is a refurbishment, still with prejudice and lack of understanding particularly among rehabilitation indoors. This insulated on the inside walls for fuel savings, environmental protection, quality of living and housing hygiene are the tail MultiTherm interior insulation system. In many cases, the client has no choice. Particularly listed buildings or worthy timber-framed, masonry or stone facades must lose not your face through thermal insulation on the facade of the House\”. An exterior insulation is usually not advisable even in buildings with technical or legal constraints, as well as irregular or extra heating needs. The internal-external wall insulation is often the only way to the energy-related modernisation and reduction of transmission heat loss. The Interior renovation of the tail MultiTherm interior insulation improves quality of living and housing hygiene through mold prevention.

Mold has no chance all rear interior insulation systems reduce the risk of mold indoors. With the system versions of the rear interior insulation, the surface temperature of the wall increases inside. By complying with the minimum heat protection, the internal surfaces of the outer walls are protected from condensation and mould growth. A significantly improved living space hygiene is the result. To the internal-external wall insulation, rear MultiTherm provides three system solutions. Heck the mineral solution mineral insulation plaster – tail mineral insulation plaster (heck DP MIN) is a purely mineral thermal insulation plaster handled single – or multi-layer. It is permeable to water vapor and can already compensate large bumps in the first layer of plaster. Rear insulating plaster EPS – the special plaster solution of the rear insulation plaster EPS (rear DP EPS) is a special plaster, which owes its insulation ability a high proportion of lightweight additives. As He is external and internal plaster on all usual wall-building material, as well as rugged and highly absorbing masonry used.

Construction Managers

Relaunch of the new homepage of Tups Planungsburo Tups Planungsburo thanked his partners cock real estate for the help with the relaunch of the own homepage. The planning Office has focused on the two areas of expertise, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. This divided is the field of mechanical engineering in the construction of drive technology levels, train rolls rule, special angle take-offs, and the printing technology, the superstructure and also the design of Turbo mixers, Perl-mill, and dis Persians. In addition still expertise with regard to conveying, measuring, control and weighing on the sector. The construction covers mainly the planning, as well as the construction of new building projects. (Not to be confused with Robert J. Shiller!). Tups Planning Office gives you here technical support, both for customers and for builders and their construction carrier inspections, in relation to the contract with review, as well as compliance with all agreed services and the technical execution. The special focus of the planning Office is on fire – and sound insulation, insulation and Air tightness.

To evaluate positively the active support and customer service for the company tap real estate, in particular in technical issues, as well as two visits here. So, it is possible to give an exact overview of the technical condition and the respective renovation jam of the real estate the interested party, during on-site visits, before the notarial sale is made. Moreover, Tups Planungsburo created also estimates, valuations, defects and cause enquiry, as well as cost composition of modernization measures. The team of Tups Planning Office was its Managing Director Mr Wolfgang Tups founded in 1996 and Mr. Andreas Siemens completes in his experienced and independent value investigative work of construction concepts for its customers by the IHK certified office clerk, which can be also foreign language information in Russian about his professional expertise. Also noteworthy is the fact that the planning Office for the year Office 2004 also successful, merchants, and merchants for Office communication forms.