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January Funds

The demand powerful boosts business with closed-end real estate funds for residential real estate. Also the SHB benefit fund. Real estate funds committed in Germany were the hit of the placement year according to the Association of closed-end funds (VGF) 2011. Private investors they could collect 33 percent more equity capital than in the year before, with institutional investors booked even a rise of 72 percent. Total these assets, which include the SHB real estate funds, could grow by 38 percent.

A growing commitment of the insurance industry was also observed. According to 208 million euros in 2010, these drew shares with a volume of 715 million euros last year. Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG), sees in it a clear vote in regard to private investors: insurance companies suffer from the little attractive interest rates on the capital market and shy away from the stock market due to the worsening capital adequacy requirements. In closed-end real estate funds rightly see the chance of a safe Good return on investment.” “With regard to exceed residential real estate already the first quarter 2012 with a transaction volume of around 3.5 billion euros all expectations, explains Gruber: 5.8 billion euros were traded In the entire year of 2011.” So that already more than half of the total turnover of the previous year was traded in only three months.” Compared to the period from January to March 2011, the fund initiators were able to achieve a business growth of 135 percent. The sector shows clearly differentiated according to SHB funds expert Hans Gruber Office real estate. On the most important sites of Berlin, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig and Munich with 645.000 square meters by one percentage point sales remained slightly below previous year’s level.

This must distinction but at the usually very popular sites. According to Gruber have only Cologne, Leipzig and Frankfurt am Main an increase of up to 115 percent to retract. All other cities have, however, also on high Level recorded a minus. “However, this is only a snapshot, explains Hans Gruber SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG): the stable Constitution of German companies and confident predictions of future economic development are clear indicators for the future development of the market of Office.” However, a balancing act between the interests of the tenants and the landlord must be made increasingly. While the former wanted to stay increasingly flexible and placed emphasis on shorter terms, the latter with regard to the expected rental income had a considerable security needs.

Conventional Cleaners

Steam cleaner as an ecological alternative to chemical cleaners as cleaners are so-called steam cleaner can trigger a real alternative to conventional chemical cleaners, which allergies. Steam cleaners are manufactured in different types. There are hand steam cleaner, which resemble the hand vacuum cleaner by design. On the other hand, there are floor steam cleaner, which resemble the classic cylinder vacuum cleaner. There are still steam cleaner, which represent a blend of a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner, i.e.

the steam is again absorbed in these devices directly to the loosened dirt. With the above steam cleaner models, which clean exclusively with steam, it is possible to get house dust allergies and Hypersensitivities with cleaning chemicals in the handle. The steam cleaner in the test are extensively tested in terms of handling and of the results and issued a buy recommendation for good results. The various products of from well-known manufacturers such as Karcher, Polti, or dirt are tested Devil. Furthermore, the website tips & tricks provides for working with a steam cleaner on various surfaces. Is first starting up should inform the selection of the correct steam cleaner in the selection of the steam cleaner, because not every steam cleaner is suitable for every area of application.

So you should not use steam handsets, for example, if you want to clean larger areas such as for example the tiled living room. This type of device is rather suitable to clean at certain points in the budget. E.g. dirty stoves, window or smaller areas in the sanitary area belong to the scope of application. The handling is much more flexible than with the floor steam devices, since they also a smaller tank and are not too heavy so the handy design. “Ground support equipment are in contrast to the handheld devices that are much more difficult and consist of two units: a trunk” and a main unit. Various accessories, which must be purchased partially, can be converted to the hose. This significantly expands the scope of application of this type of device. With a ground support equipment, even smaller areas such as window can be easily cleaned in addition to larger surfaces such as tile or laminate. To the necessary accessories is used then simply and cleaning can begin. Jochen Volkert-Wagner

Wooden Staircase In The House

Wooden stairs in the house tree – a traditional material that has a long history as a raw material for the manufacture of a wide variety of ladders. The main purpose of this design – to bind the premises, which are in different levels of the building so that the ascent and descent were comfortable and safe. Nowadays you can offer a wide range of staircases in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials production. What factors to consider when making wooden ladders? For manufacturing high-quality, high strength and durable ladder to a high-quality raw materials. The best option here is hardwood. Undisputed front-runner in this area is oak, which has a special strength, durability, resistance to abrasion, impact and water, etc. With proper care your oak staircase century will maintain their performance. One of the advantages of this material in universality.

Oak texture goes well with parquet floors and doors of the same material, and innovative ways of processing to cover the wood paints, patina, and in some cases, even gold, creating an exclusive interior and distinctive style. The choice of design Deciding to install a wooden staircase, one of the essential issues will be the choice design. Professor Rita McGrath usually is spot on. Straight or spiral, but perhaps the console? Modern manufacturers offer a great choice, but it all depends on the amount of space, convenience of location, individual needs owners. This problem at the design stage, decide to specialists. The classic solution is to stairway, but its installation is not appropriate in all rooms. Undoubtedly, the helical structure – very stylish and aesthetic decision which is important for small spaces, but it is traumatic, difficult descent of the elderly and children.

Where to place the ladder? The vast majority of ladder structures installed in the lobby and connects the first floor and second. In the design of these structures must account for several of rules. First of all, the ladder should occupy a minimum of storage space, and the stage, at least the first 2-3, must be addressed toward the door. On what can you save? Of course, installing an oak staircase – not the most economical solution, and many consumers, after calculating the cost, trying to find ways to reduce costs. Remember importantly, what is not worth saving – it's raw. Wood – not metal and not plastic, it will make itself felt creak, cracks, cracked steps and the complete failure of a few years. The only solution to this case – the order of the standard model. Typical stair design, in terms of operation, no worse than exclusive, have the reliability, aesthetic appeal. Installation of lighting should be remembered that the ladder is Depending on the design – traumatic element of the premises and requires the organization of additional lighting. Depending on the amount of living space you can do one or more lamps on the walls, chandeliers, lamps. Common variant in the modern interior – lighting levels, however, this problem must be solved at the design stage.

Finest Sound Reinforcement

Auracle sound shop music the outstanding solution for the target groups opened precise sound directly at the POS to the 11.05.2013 Temple of French luxury department store chain Galeries Lafayette in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta of the latest shopping. The Berlin specialist for in-store music shop music spoils visitors with the finest background music of Auracle sound. After Berlin, is the second House of the French department store chain that background music is played with Auracle sound shop music Galeries Lafayette Jakarta already. The Galeries Lafayette regarded worldwide as a symbol for luxury shopping experiences in perfectly styled by ambience. This means that visitors be caressed on their way through the exclusive offer of high-quality brands and noble materials of the finest background music. Shop music has equipped the different PA zones receiver for it with a total of six Auracle sound. Auracle sound meets the highest requirements and the ideal system for the accurate background sound directly at the POS. There are currently 32 different Music channels that can be individually combined all ready.

The musical spectrum ranges from indie, pop, rock, smooth jazz, lounge, chill up to minimal, restaurant and house bar. Played are the finest and latest tracks, the music market has to offer. Famous DJs such as Giles Peterson, Ben & Jamie Cullum, John Kennedy, Rob da Bank, spectrum or DJ Ravin (Buddha Bar) assemble the playlists of each channel and mix the music in London according to the specific needs of the retail trade and the catering. Auracle sound records is an excellent musical offer, outstanding musical quality and simple ease of use at an affordable price. Thanks to this impressive performance characteristics Auracle sound is both partner companies from the luxury segment as well as in the retail. The cost for the Auracle sound music are streaming system with monthly 39,00, including 24-hour replacement service, as well as 5.00 for the provision of streaming receiver, extremely cheap.

Buying Real Estate

The experiences and contacts a real estate agent the Bavarian State capital benefit from a good reputation – and enjoys in every respect. No matter, whether to Munich’s economic importance to the significance in terms of tourism or to the quality of living, Munich is quite ahead when compared with other German cities. This may be the charm of the city, which can look back on a long and eventful history and has therefore a remarkable variety of sights and beautiful monuments. But not only those buildings that are part of the monuments, are attractive. The range of properties, also as regards the stylish buildings, is versatile and offers a rich variety. Munich real estate market has a colourful range alone in residential real estate.

You can find small flats, student booths or staff accommodation as well as cosy single or multi-family, elegant roof terrace apartments, luxury villas or apartments, often bring along a very special flair. To do this come on, that Munich has very many different neighborhoods, all of which emit their own charm. There is, for example, the famous Schwabing district, the old town with the impressive Grunderzeit houses, Bogenhausen with its elegant villas or the district Lehel, who exudes comfort with its many green spaces and its location on the ISAR. Quality of life is in the cosmopolitan city with a heart”an above-average high. Those who are interested in Munich real estate, will encounter a rain and active real estate market. It is advisable in any case to turn a competent real estate agent. Of course you can also try to find a matching object on your own goal-oriented, and it makes more sense but, with his intention to rely on the professional. Some people shy away from the brokerage that is perceived to be relatively high. But this is short-sighted, because time is money true to the motto”will pay off quickly the work of the broker.

Thomas Vogel Investments

We Germans are although the Europeans with the highest income and save a lot. Wiesbaden, 18.07.2013. We are still behind in comparison to Europe. The European Central Bank has investigated this as an example in a large-scale study. The result is quite sobering: we save incorrectly and live for rent, while others pay off their homes.

Actually we are in Europe with an ownership ratio of just over 40% more stragglers. And as regards the choice of capital formation, we even like to rely on safe investments such as savings, & co. money of day – and lose money for years. Because they no longer beat the rate of inflation for a long time. An example should make this clear: an average day money account is currently an interest rate of 0.47 percent. The inflation rate is calculated – but – about the year at 1.8 percent. In 52.7 years you would have at this plant”although 12,804 euro on the account, if you had originally invested 10,000 euros.

They were only 5000 Euro value, because of the rise in consumer prices would have eaten the rest now. It is clear that this procedure literally no flower pot to win. And we want to not even talk of asset building in view of such unique numbers. Just real estate investments can run counter to this trend because they offer advantages in many ways,”explains Thomas Vogel, Managing Director of NPL select Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH. The fact is: If you think an acquisition of direct ownership, finds good financing conditions. Assuming the credit right. Also rents rise pretty much parallel to the rate of inflation, so provide a good balance. And the above effect can of course turn around: so will the monetary loss for that recorded debt are in fact less, namely by the amount of the purchase price strength decreases. The people in Germany know that after all is them saving for homeownership so important as most recently in 2007. That comes to this result at least Institute TNS infratest on behalf of private building societies. For the home ownership savings goal voted in 54 percent of the 2,000 respondents of different income and age groups. But beyond the direct system, which uberfordere many as a result of the required capital, there would be alternatives, says Thomas Vogel. He specializes with his company the marketing of investment alternatives, which indirectly benefit from the real estate market and thereby represent a welcome alternative because of attractive returns for savers and investors of one time. The offered investments offer maximum flexibility in the design unless it in terms of the investment amount or with regard to the term. Real estate investments are now even important for asset accumulation”, says the Managing Director of NPL Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH. Not only this regards, he will have currently little dissent.

Real Estate Listings

To decrypt the real estate real estate listings real estate party is very renovierungs – and renovation. High costs will in addition to the price of the object to the buyer. “Residential complex with great development potential” who acquires a property, possibly for many years living on a construction site. “Bargains for quick” mostly a cipher for shopkeeper. The provider would like to build as selling pressure to finally get rid of the unloved object. And not at a bargain price! “Luxury redevelopment” basically suggests an expensive object. Sometimes the provider but also just trying to impose excessive prices. “Convenient location” real estate is located on a busy street. At worst in motorway or train station. It is to be expected so noise and fumes. Possibly it is even a social focal point. “Family-friendly neighborhood” where mostly large families live, so that it can go to during the day quite cheerfully. Nothing for older people who are looking for a quiet location. “Individual design of the apartment” problematic section of the apartment. Therefore rather unsuitable for the most interested. Another drawback: the property is later also difficult to sell due to the limited usability. “Habitat in the garden” can be sometimes a foul-smelling mud pond. But maybe something for hobby gardeners. “Experimental housing” finger away! No one wants to live permanently in an experiment. “Serious environment” many offices, law firms and offices located in the neighborhood. During the day, there are hardly any parking. From 18: 00, the great boredom often breaks out. “Only a few minutes ‘ drive from the city removed” mainly on the car is important. Obviously are little or no train and bus connections. “Teilrenoviert” may be that new radiators were installed. But that was then already. The buyer must still make the other (usually much larger) part of the renovation with incalculable costs “Environment with high recreational value”, the object is located in an area frequented by conserves. Much noise, no parking, no recovery possible! “Unobstructed view” that may apply today and tomorrow. But beware: “unspoilt” means not “unverbaubar”! “Location in unspoilt nature” where Fox and Hare to say good night. Long distances to work, poor transport links, poor infrastructure. The half day trip are shopping and visit to the doctor. Without a car a nightmare!

The Real Estate Year 2013

Self-sufficient in house construction in Berlin and Brandenburg since shortly before Christmas 2012 the Federal Government promised to replenish the energy programme of the KfW banking group for homeowners to 300 million euro. Added: extensive renovations at a reasonable level are funded by KfW now in the Energieeinsparverordnung 55 with 18.750 instead of 15,000 euros. In the Energieeinsparverordnung 70, the Bank Group raised support 13.125 to 15,000. Landlords can easier implement modernizations the new funding programme will replace the originally planned fiscal support of remedial measures, but means much higher expenses for property owners. Moreover, a revised rental law amendment Act approved by the Federal Council from spring 2013 provided into force. Including the refurbishment to facilitate other residential buildings.

On the basis of the new law landlord could impose easier modernization, such as the tenant. The extent of the tenant to should be increased also continue accepting remedial measures. The real estate Association of Germany”(IVD) in particular cost savings for smaller landlords expected from the change in the law. Energetic renovation for the period of three months, no reduction in rent to be more enforceable, if the tenant through these renewal measures in the long run can save expenditure. For an overview of significant changes for owners, managers and owners for 2013, as always in the new regional real estate journal. In addition, the new January issue contains actions and news around the building in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The energy self-sufficient model of the future in home construction in Berlin and Brandenburg in the long run should invest mainly in the energy efficiency of their home domestic capital. According to estimates by the German Energy Agency”, Germany’s household in the realization of the State energy efficiency targets could save 2020 already total about 11 billion euros. Prof. Dipl.-ing. Timo Leukefeld, expert on energy issues and German solar prize winners, swears on photovoltaics.

VOI-CERT Is Launched

Tested safety confidence Bonn, June 4, 2013. The voipax offers Association organisational and information systems e.V. now neutral to consider the possibility that their range of services to and the VOI certificate software vendors and IT service providers to the gain. Expert auditors from the membership of the VOI check based on standardized testing requirements software or services on compliance with technical standards, legal requirements and evidence security of business processes. The VOI certificate is issued after an audit by the VOI-service GmbH for three years. The VOI is the leading trade association for enterprise information, content and document management in Germany. For years, authorities and companies use regulations of the VOI with the introduction and operation of document management and archiving solutions.

For example, the tuvit GmbH sets underlying the criteria of VOI in trials in this area”, says Ulrich Emmert, VOI – Executive Vice President and one of the initiators of the VOI-CERT initiative. Therefore we want to use the many years of experience in this area to offer certificate creates a trust based on strict technical audit for the market.” The new VOI certificate can be for numerous areas used, to prove that a product when used properly audit-proof can be operated or certain procedural requirements are met, for example. Provider of archiving solutions can confirm, that their product enables the long term preservation of the value of the evidence. Operators of data centers can consume VOI certification that their privacy is compatible with European data privacy or that cloud services meet the requirements of European data protection law. Companies or public institutions, which want to gain the VOI certificate, contact an authorised auditor. This performs a one-day workshop with the customer so that the customer with the help of Auditors apply the certificate at the VOI service GmbH can. From there, the Treaty confirmed and the auditor selected. It is conducting a preliminary audits to check any existing defects, which must improve the company.

Then, the auditor performs audit and creates the report that will be sent with a recommendation for issuing certificate of the VOI service GmbH. The VOI specialists review the report and grant and publish the certificate. This includes an inspection certificate written and qualified signed electronic version, as well as permission to use the logo of the VOI-CERT on the homepage and on documents. The certificate is valid for three years and can be extended by a re-audit. The VOI-CERT is located within the newly founded VOI service GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. The company, which takes over the operations of the VOI Academy, is headed by VOI – Managing Director Peter J. Schmerler. The VOI Association organisational and Information systems e. V. The VOI voice of information”takes over the application-oriented leadership for integrated applications related to document management systems and enterprise-content-management systems involving software, hardware and specific expertise to the creation of highly efficient total solutions for the machining processes in public institutions, industry, trade and service companies as independent expertise and network for users, consultants, service providers and manufacturers of document-based solutions.

Comprehensive Cisco WebEx

Among Mets package for audio and Web conferencing: ArkadinAnytime easy and cost-effective audio conferencing for up to 100 participants. ArkadinAnywhere – simple, secure Web conferencing of the next generation an intuitively and ergonomically designed user interface for the uncomplicated exchange of ideal for small businesses. Adobe Connect powered by Arkadin – fully integrated, feature-rich all-in in-one solution for audio, Web and video to instant location-independent work with any devices. Comprehensive Cisco WebEx provided by Arkadin – complete solution for audio and Web conferencing on strategic cooperation in large companies. ArkadinEvent – pre-configured and customized virtual events with audio conferencing, Web events, webcasts or virtual trade fairs, including Multimedia content, to reach thousands of people or a certain VIP audience. Mets approach of the on-site service provides consistently high customer satisfaction.

According to Yuri Larin, since recently Director of sales for Russia at Arkadin, Mets business from the very beginning has is that no one understands the needs of customers better as support teams, who live in the customer’s country and speak their language. “We are the most global and lokalste service provider at the same time and a good understanding of the respective cultural influences. For Russian companies, which are dependent on branches at home and abroad, this is a great advantage.” About Arkadin, Arkadin was founded in 2001 and is one of the largest and fastest-growing provider of collaboration services worldwide. The company provides a comprehensive range of remote solutions for audio, video and Web conferencing and unified communications. Arkadin provides these services by using a SaS model to its customers a fast and scalable usage with a high yield to allow. The company has a total of 51 branches, which serve more than 37,000 customers with their dedicated team of native support in 32 countries.