We Germans are although the Europeans with the highest income and save a lot. Wiesbaden, 18.07.2013. We are still behind in comparison to Europe. The European Central Bank has investigated this as an example in a large-scale study. The result is quite sobering: we save incorrectly and live for rent, while others pay off their homes.

Actually we are in Europe with an ownership ratio of just over 40% more stragglers. And as regards the choice of capital formation, we even like to rely on safe investments such as savings, & co. money of day – and lose money for years. Because they no longer beat the rate of inflation for a long time. An example should make this clear: an average day money account is currently an interest rate of 0.47 percent. The inflation rate is calculated – but – about the year at 1.8 percent. In 52.7 years you would have at this plant”although 12,804 euro on the account, if you had originally invested 10,000 euros.

They were only 5000 Euro value, because of the rise in consumer prices would have eaten the rest now. It is clear that this procedure literally no flower pot to win. And we want to not even talk of asset building in view of such unique numbers. Just real estate investments can run counter to this trend because they offer advantages in many ways,”explains Thomas Vogel, Managing Director of NPL select Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH. The fact is: If you think an acquisition of direct ownership, finds good financing conditions. Assuming the credit right. Also rents rise pretty much parallel to the rate of inflation, so provide a good balance. And the above effect can of course turn around: so will the monetary loss for that recorded debt are in fact less, namely by the amount of the purchase price strength decreases. The people in Germany know that after all is them saving for homeownership so important as most recently in 2007. That comes to this result at least Institute TNS infratest on behalf of private building societies. For the home ownership savings goal voted in 54 percent of the 2,000 respondents of different income and age groups. But beyond the direct system, which uberfordere many as a result of the required capital, there would be alternatives, says Thomas Vogel. He specializes with his company the marketing of investment alternatives, which indirectly benefit from the real estate market and thereby represent a welcome alternative because of attractive returns for savers and investors of one time. The offered investments offer maximum flexibility in the design unless it in terms of the investment amount or with regard to the term. Real estate investments are now even important for asset accumulation”, says the Managing Director of NPL Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH. Not only this regards, he will have currently little dissent.