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To love entails risks that per moments we did not wish to live. To commit itself in a relation in pair takes some situations and circumstances that we do not see or we do not want recognize, mainly, when we felt very, very enamored. The first risk is the one of the lack of affection: That it can be lived by anyone on the members of the pair. It is experimented like abandonment. My pair no longer watches to me, no longer looks for to me, no longer I interest to him. Or, my pair no longer interests, gives equal me to me which happens to him, no longer it attracts to me, or simply, I do not have interest in or she.

When the lack of affection appears in a relation in pair, generally, it happens in some of the members of the pair, but far from to confront it, we tried to seduce, to try to show to us interested, but the pain the acceptance is too great. Per moments, we create, we thought, that possibilities always exist of reviving the love. But against the lack of affection, really few possibilities of a new approach exist very. The second risk is the infidelity: All that we have lived a relation in pair we are exposed to the ups and downs of infidelity. It does not have of another one, the fidelity or infidelity is a personal question. Nothing has to do with the pair. Nevertheless, we can undergo it and experience it in own meat. Each pair in the individual, will know yes wishes it to happen of length, to pardon it, or, to encounter again the course of the same. Generally the acts of infidelity, are parteagas of the life in pair. Or we left ourselves, or we followed with new rules in the relation, or, become the perfect pretext for the rupture.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Russia agreed to grant Bulgaria a loan of 3.8 billion euros for the construction of NPP Belene on the Danube River. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin proposed creating a joint company that will deal with implementation of the NPP Belene. According to the agreement signed 51 to 100 of the future of the company belongs to the Bulgarian investor – the National Electric Company, and 49 to 100 – German investor RWE. At the moment, RWE is in talks to signing a contract with Russian company Inter Rao UES, a trading power, as well as with the two Swedish and one Finnish company. NEC has signed an agreement on the construction of the Belene nuclear power plant with Russian company Atomstroyexport, which won the tender for executing the project.

The first reactor is likely to be commissioned in 2014. Another example of investment in Bulgarian real estate: already it is no secret that Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov invested huge sums in building resorts in Bulgaria. It is a complex of tourist facilities in a picturesque area of Kamchia – International Children’s recreation center and treatment and rehabilitation database for pensioners and war veterans. The global financial crisis has not affected the plans of Luzhkov, the project is well underway. In March of this year, Russian veterans of labor and World War II has rested on the Black Sea in Kamchia coast. The Russian government thinks about and purchase other land and property in Bulgaria.

Rodriguez San Pedro

Like the one of that they acquired its house does few years and that before the increases of the mortgages has stopped paying, being finally acquired by the Bank in the auction. The proprietors want to know if after this auction they are going to be able to recover something of the inverted thing in the house, and if they have stopped maintaining the debt that they still have contracted with bank or no. Also he is very frequent the consultations and activities related to the constructive defects in the construction.Deficiencies detected in the Buildings and that the Promoters and Constructors when giving to them are not corrected by the houses like deficiencies in the common zones when being Communities of Proprietors or Federations. All previous the referring one to the individuals, but also the Association has seen an important one increased in the consultations and judicial activities of diverse Companies, Promotional that have great difficulties to continue their promotions and to fulfill the commitments acquired and that ends up presenting/displaying Contest of Creditors. As well as Constructors who also undergo the consequences of non-payments of the Promoters throughout the work and that cannot support to the cost of the personnel and other expenses seeing itself forced to adopt the same measures that the previous ones, presenting/displaying Contest of creditors before the Courts. .


A fingerboard is a miniature skateboard controlled with fingers. The fingerboards are usually 96 or more in length, some reaching 100 mm in length and width of the table can vary. Some tricks can be made real in the mini-tables. Lance Mountain helped develop the first fingerboards as a hobby for 70 years and even wrote a book about how to make mini-tables in the journal Skateboarder magazine in 1985. Although these toys were a novelty for several years, eventually became collectible toys as they were creating more quality brands in the 90s. Today there are many brands of cheap fingerboard as Tech Deck brand while brands like Berlinwood, Blackriver-Ramps, Prete, Last Exit, Homewood, Frost, and FlatFace have created high-quality collectibles. MDVigo is one of the first-in sport, bringing it to Youtube Spain in early 2008. The fingerskate is a discipline that begins in the United States in 1989, but more than 10 years ago, already existed in Germany.

We can therefore say that the Germans have fingerskaters older Americans as professionals. Gradually it became known through magazines and then skate championships then sold key chains would not sell as these, which is Tech Deck with their fingers first and then as we were asked to fingerskaters come ramps and the typical imitation did lower the price of everything. Then Tech Deck fingerskates managed to make a skateboard at all the parts and accessories to sell more. Finger invented a cheaper and easier to use to sell more, and thus lower prices. To be able to sell even more, Tech Deck create more designs for the tables. As expected, competition came to Tech Deck, a finger that comes with spare parts included and serves as a keychain. Tech Deck without being left behind makes a finger that is shaped like a skateboard, that is, creates an oval and rounded finger that comes with metal parts and axles. The tricks are done with two fingers to simulate the legs of the skater, there are four basic positions (Regular, Nollie, Switch and Fakie) to start and dropping them. There are three kinds of fingerboarding: Vert (ramps and aerial tricks) Freestyle / plain (land tricks and flips) and Street (Tips stroll down stairs, handrails, a city …) The best companies that administer these toys you can find them by Youtube, FlatFace, Blackriver-Ramps, Fingerboardstore, Yellowood, Captusk, Oak Wheels, trucks BRR / Ytrucks … And many users create their own company to sell products fingerskater.