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The bed can be as a footboard, and without the foot of the size (width of the bed 90cm to 180cm in length depending on the model can be 2m, and more less). Not equipped with either a lattice or a mattress. Closet 4-and 6-door, some models have compartments. Custom-built furniture. Taymoble (Taymoble) specializes in furniture and coffee tables. All the furniture series Taymoble is made of high-quality beech, decorative elements – stucco.

Fabric – Teflon coating. Upholstery silk, Habil. Sofa 2-D and 3-seater, depending on the model can be folding (mechanism – U.S. clamshell). Table top can be a marble or glass. Custom-built furniture. Moblesa (Moblesa) All furniture series Moblesa manufactured from high quality beech, drawing – marquetry.

Handcrafted wood gives added value furniture and turns it into real art. Value is further enhanced by using techniques such as inlaying with precious wood, patina, gold leaf application and silver. Custom-built furniture. Zaragoza (Zaragoza) Living in a classical style. Made from high quality beech, drawing – marquetry. All the shelves inside are covered with veneer. In a series of Asturias – olive and cherry veneer, Toledo – Veneer pyatinskogo oak. Custom-built furniture. Linea stil (Linif Steele) All furniture series Linea Stil manufactured from high quality beech, veneer, leather, mesh – the plant junk – a natural fiber. Custom-built furniture. Rosamor (Rosamor) Joint production in Russia and Spain. Living in a classical style. Varies depending on the facade. It is made of a laminate pattern – silk screen printing. Color nogal (walnut). Figure 2 Structure of the facades of varieties: – cut root model, “Paris” – a cut tree trunk, the model of “Vienna.” The standard is presented in the scheme “Rosamor”. This series consists of modular user-friendly system that is ideal for any size customer. On request, you can change the height, depth and content of the wall. Series has a huge range, including: living rooms, bedrooms, walls, hallways, classrooms, children’s rooms and accessories.

Basic Basket Bowl

Number of bins in a double boiler Basic Basket with 2 or 3, very poignantly there are devices with a basket. For a typical family (4 people) will be sufficient 2-steam baskets. If you want to cook in large quantities, you will need a pressure cooker with 3 baskets. But keep in mind that cooking times will increase with the increasing number of steam baskets, and food on the third level will be prepared at about 1.5 – 2 times slower than the first. The set also comes two bowls, a bowl for cooking rice (a any other cereal and liquid products, such as it can make an omelet) and a bowl for coloring foods.

Size and shape of baskets steamers. Different amounts of steam baskets firms and their shape will vary. With respect to volume it can be 1.5 – 3.5 liters for the basic basket, and bowl of rice will have a capacity of 0.7 – 2 liters. Baskets can be oval and round. Which option is more convenient, you choose.

Also note there are different-sized baskets. If different, then this is an advantage in storage is a storage basket is inserted into another which significantly reduces space requirements. However, these baskets have the drawback – you can not rearrange them in during cooking. It should be noted that this happens often enough and with similar characteristics, I would advise you to choose exactly with the same steamer baskets. Material How steamer and steam bowls can be made in metal and plastic housing.

Reinforced Concrete Products

Concrete products (JBI), through his own extraordinary strength, longevity and richness of the set, take up very special space among other advanced building materials. Reinforced concrete is a combination of Concrete and steel reinforcement, monolithic integrated and working together in the system. For the production of ferro-concrete products plant in Ufa – the concrete mix reinforced with iron rods connected to the frames. This synthesis of concrete and steel allows you to combine the best quality there is in these two materials that were used immediately to compensate for their shortcomings. The term 'concrete' is used quite often as the common name of the Reinforced Concrete systems and products.

Combination of reinforced concrete 2-very different qualities of their own materials based on the fact that the solidity of concrete in tension substantially (10-20 times) lower than in compression, so concrete system he designed for the perception of compressive forces, the same steel, which owns the highest passing resistance in tension and introduced into the concrete in the form of reinforcement, the main way used to perceptions of tensile forces. The interaction of different materials so very well: concrete hardening firmly adheres to the metal and solid piece of iron protects it from rust, monolithic concrete and reinforcement guaranteed more conventional narrow-mindedness of their coefficients of thermal expansion (for concrete from the 7, 5 * 10-6 * 10-6 to 12 for metal reinforcement 12 * 10-6); within the temperature changes from -40 to 60 C, the main physical mechanical properties of concrete and reinforcement actually does not change that allows the use of concrete in all climate zones. The extensive spread of concrete in modern construction is due to his great technical and financial supremacy in comparison with other materials. Built of reinforced fire-resistant and reliable, require no special protective measures against the depleting action of weather; solidity of concrete increases with time, and valves can not be rust, being located around its protected with concrete. Reinforced concrete has the highest load-bearing ability, excellent accepts static and dynamic (including seismic) overload. Of conventionally reinforced concrete buildings and build a just system of multiple forms of reaching the grand construction of expression. The main volume of reinforced concrete are everywhere where is possible only known materials – crushed stone, gravel and sand. Using precast concrete can substantially increase the degree of industrialization of construction, systems are made in advance on the well-equipped factories, and the operation areas Installation is only ready-made pieces of mechanized means.

Thus supported the highest rate of construction of houses and buildings, and even saving foreign exchange and labor costs. The main advantage of reinforced concrete products – this is greater solidity of the simplicity of making the system the desired configuration, shape, size. Spacious range of species (solid, prefabricated, box-solid, heavy, light, mesh, ordinary, pre-stressed, etc.) permit the use of concrete products for the manufacture of various building systems. It rings, plates (plates road, floor slabs, airport board), base blocks, piles, electric poles, and much, much more. One of the most popular products are now reinforced concrete slabs. They are used to build floors in large-panel buildings. Made from concrete slabs of any structure (both heavy and light) – all located in Depending on the overload, which is obliged to transfer the tile floor. Because they are used in the construction of a small conventional buildings and the construction of large-scale objects with a large carrier overload which is on the shoulder only real Titans. In fact, no housing to this day can not do without reinforced concrete products and, in particular, the floor slabs.

Quality Packaging

What determines the quality of the packaging? Of course, from the material of which it is made and, in turn, will do the rest packaging design. In fact only on the appearance of the product may be tempted to buy it. Neat shape, pleasant to the touch already will contribute to the fact that even if the product inside will be not very good quality, at first he vzgyal you still like it. Packaging or trucking trucking containers referred to as the packaging for preservation, transportation and warehousing. According to the form of container is divided into a number of species, principal among which are the boxes, containers, pallets, drums, bags, tanks, cans and other discharge. On the specifics of production, the advantages and shortcomings of the corrugated container trucking rasskazyvat Gofrotara.ru.

Lock and trucking corrugated packaging for the manufacture of motor used different that were used in the amount of wood, plastic, alloy. However, the more comfortable for the transport of products according to law say corrugated, made from corrugated cardboard. From this has been used produced a number of types of packaging: corrugated box, corrugated box, gofrolotok. Dimensions publishing products have all chances to be classified as standards, but may still be consistent with the creation of corrugated personal request of customers. Traditionally, the production of corrugated packaging used road transport-layer or Double-double corrugated board. Three-ply sheets of corrugated board grades T21-T25 T11-grade cardboard T12 used in the manufacture of products for gofroupakovok, resistant to static loads.

Chinese Doors

It is sad to admit, but a large number of attackers penetrate the home when residents themselves admit it! Think about it! Let us formulate a list of necessary activities to ensure the safety of your home, being used only in complex: a metal signaling, which provides control not only over the front door, but for the window door that separates (if possible) group of apartments on the floor of the ladder with vigilance Metal doors, which we present to you, it is sufficient to take its place in the system of complex measures to ensure the safety of your home. Our thoughts about safety of Chinese DOORS provoked a strong reaction among the players in the market of metal doors: apparently, we are so persuasive in their arguments that they copied his colleagues summarily by the Internet community! Can not say that we are satisfied with the fact, as taking place in these cases, plagiarism – in general, crime (ie, that is punishable by the laws of any civilized country.) Well, gentlemen, you are giving us a reason to speculate further about copyright infringement. Well, thank-you! Here we have yet another reason for the generation of humanoid SEO-text glory to all sorts of forces, because we lack the intelligence and talent to write on our web site itself, as well as however, do we offer a professional image, ie by Lucky STAR (Lucky Star), steel doors. Why are we ashamed to call a spade a spade? Why not call a bastard a bastard? Why soft copy only that released the American blockbuster, ‘Avatar’, for example, almost romantically called a pirate? Why? Copyright infringement, gentlemen, as we have, we assure you, the evidence of our rights to text and images on this website are called a lot easier and shorter, theft. A theft – stealing it everywhere: that of the apartment, that from the Internet, that of a handbag … I wonder how strictly a particular theme ‘the safety of Chinese metal doors’ or, say, ‘the quality of steel metal doors’ was transformed into a broader moral, if you want, and our openness, hope does not run counter to our proud motto: Security – it’s together with you when republishing link to the website is required. Original of this article is located on the website of Lucky STAR (Lucky Star).